Bernie “Mack” and Apple Jack

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Bernie “Mack” and Apple Jack

By Lucius Gantt

Bernie “The Mack” Sanders and Apple Jack have at least one thing in common….”crack”!

Crack killed Apple Jack and the “crack vote” brought Bernie Mack back to a respectable place in the race for the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential nomination.

Before you start tripping, there is no crack vote. “Crack vote” is just a symbolic phrase like, “truck vote” that symbolizes votes from people and places they are not always frequent voters.

So-called Black community leaders that rushed to endorse Sander’s opponent in the Democratic Primary process before even giving a listening ear to Sanders apparently couldn’t draw flies to an outhouse and they couldn’t draw the masses of Black voters to support a campaign of any candidates!

Don’t take my word for it but, in my opinion, most candidates in the Party that Negroes love cannot win a rat race without the overwhelming support of African American voters.

Yes, whoever the Democratic candidate is in the 2016 General Election will get 90 percent of all Black votes cast but 90 percent of a total turnout of 25 percent or 35 percent of all of America’s registered Black voters will make the race for President too close to call until very late on election night.

At the time of this writing, Sanders had won about nine of 10 statewide Primary contests over his more widely known Democratic challenger.

The Primary in the State of New York will take place soon and if Sanders wins the New York Primaries he will have to be contended with at the Democratic National Convention.

If political elections are like life, if you do the right things and say the right things God will help you.

Earlier in my own life, I was arrested and charged with Felony Assault on a Law Enforcement Office. I was accused of trying to kill a police officer.

I was taken to a holding cell and immediately handcuffed, torture style, to the cell bars. In this position, anyone could have robbed me, beaten me, raped me or killed me.

But I was uncuffed after about an hour in the tortuous position, the cell doors were opened and I walked right out of the jail house.

At the subsequent trial in Federal Court, I had to represent myself because no lawyer would represent me against government and police. The trial lasted eight days and went all the way to the jury even though I never had a Bar Card or a minute of legal training.

None of the people I stood up for and spoke out for came to court to support me because they were scared of the police; none of my friends showed up to comfort me and nearly none of my family members came to court to be with me but let me tell you what happened.

I’ve called policemen “beasts with badges” but the Assistant Police Chief told the devilish, lying police officers at the holding cell to take the cuffs off and release me.

I’ve called judges “devils in black robes” but the judge in my court case ruled in my favor numerous times and made legal history when he ruled that I could cross examine police administrators, the city manager and every elected city official that voted on the city budget about why millions were spent on law enforcement training and the city policemen were not train-ed.

To make long stories short, if you are a righteous person in times of political trouble or life troubles, God doesn’t always send angels to protect you. Sometimes God will send your enemies to you to insure that you are blessed and protected! Read the Biblical book of Isaiah if you don’t know that story.

So, Sanders was blessed to get just enough of the Black votes recently to derail the train that your Negro leaders were riding to the Democratic National Convention.

If Sanders continues to win primaries, the Negro leaders that you love will look pretty dumb, ineffective and unconvincing!

If you’re going to sell out Black voters and Black people for jobs in the big house, political appointments, titles and photo opportunities, at least get those things before your candidate of choice gets beaten and beaten and beaten again by a political underdog! (Buy Gantt’s latest book, Beast Too: Dead Man Writing on and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at

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