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Bishop Queen McCormick to pass pastoral torch

Bishop McCormick and her daughter Angela McCormick

Bishop McCormick and her daughter Angela McCormick

Bishop Queen McCormick to pass pastoral torch

Derek Joy

Bishop Queen McCormick will reach two milestones on Feb. 22, when a program is held at the New Birth House of Prayer For All in Fort Lauderdale.

The first milestone is McCormick’s retirement as pastor of the church she co-founded with her late husband, Bishop Samuel L. McCormick.

Milestone number two is the ordination and installation of the third of her six daughters, Angela McCormick, to succeed her as pastor of the church that was born as a result of four prophetic visions in July 1978.

“The Lord gave me a prophecy to fulfill,” McCormick said, recalling how she was led by the Holy Spirit through a series of four visions. “I must do the work of Him that sends me while it is day. For the night comes when no man can work.”

That was vision number one on July 1, 1978. Vision number two soon followed, as did visions number three and four. All in the month of July 1978.  McCormick hosted a 15-minute ministry on radio station WEXY at the time.

She later went to radio stations WRBD, WABS and back to WEXY. McCormick hosted a ministerial program on television station WGEN in 2008 and remains on radio station WEXY.

“God called me in 1980 and said “Plant.” We started in my home. God later blessed me with an old dilapidated building.  My husband, father – the late Bishop Solomon Williams, Sr. – and some of the young men in the church renovated the building.

“Three years later, God favored us again and we purchased another property for our church. We worked at building a church and 16 years later the mortgage holders gave us the property free and clear.”

In addition to being the mother of six daughters – Esther, Deborah, Angela, Julie, April and Christine – this is confirmation that McCormick has exemplified the biblical message to “be fruitful and multiply.”

And there is more from McCormick, a native of Millen, Ga., who moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1943 and graduated from Dillard High School in 1960.

“If the Lord gave me the charge to feed the flock, I don’t care if it’s one or 100, I feed the flock,” said McCormick, who counts her current membership at 150. “That’s one of the things God told me, Be fruitful and multiply”.

“This Saturday evening I’ll be passing the mantle on to my daughter, Angela McCormick. And on March 1, we’ll have our South Florida Gospel Quartet Convention Picnic.”

The work of being fruitful and multiplying has not been limited to parenting, mentoring, or ministering in South Florida. In fact, McCormick has served God in other locales.

She has performed as a gospel singer with her biological sisters, the Williams Sisters, and guided her daughters in gospel singing as the McCormick Sisters.

McCormick has also served as a Territorial Presider for the Biblical House of God Association for the Pensacola Diocese.

There is also the expansion of her New Birth House of Prayer for All to Albany and Atlanta, Ga. This expansion, according to McCormick, is a result of some members relocating to those cities and wanting to continue the association in Christ.

“I’m retiring, yes,” said McCormick, who currently has a CD titled No Greater Love and plans to publish a book titled The Elect Lady later this year. “Understand that I’m not fully out of the picture. Like the Apostle Paul, the Apostle has to go where God sends him.”

Thus, McCormick, in addition to providing maternal and pastoral guidance to her daughter, will continue fulfilling her responsibilities as Overseer, Bishop and Territorial Presider.

As for those in the ministry, as well as those aspiring to enter the ministry, McCormick offers this advice.

“I’d tell them they belong to God, not themselves. You are His workmanship. Glorify Him. Be the comforter, the revealer of truth. And do it in Jesus’ name,” McCormick said.


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