Black aspirations

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Black aspirations

By Lucius Gantt

I have begun to compile the data for my next book which will be titled “The Light is the Truth”. God willing, the book will be released later this year, 2017.

In addition to your favorite Gantt Report columns and opinions, the book will also include what I call Black Aspirations, short messages about Black life and experiences.

Some of the messages will be about relationships, business, religion, culture, education and other topics.

In this Gantt Report I’m going to share a sample of some of the messages that should number in the hundreds in the book.

Enjoy the sample messages below:

Oftentimes, many of your problems are created when you outgrow your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid of the status quo. A lot of times, when you move out, you move up! Put that bad  life in your rear view mirror!

Even if you dislike the messenger you can love the message. Respect the truth and recognize the wisdom and knowledge!

It is not always about the different things that happen to us. What is important is how we react to situations and how we deal with our circumstances! God gave you the power to help yourself and change your lifestyle!

Your and your partner’s love life is like a stew. If you don’t keep your romance heated and stirred up, it can get cold and become spoiled!

In a troubled relationship, the grass always looks greener on another man’s or woman’s side. However, don’t burn down the bridge when you decide to make your move across because what you thought was a greener pasture may turn out to be a field of broken down and poisonous weeds! Often-times, men and women that look good from afar are far from looking and being good!

Some men and women will say anything to you to get what they want.

Listen to a person’s words but look into their eyes. The truth is in their eyes because the eyes don’t lie!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but it is far more mental than visual! When a man or woman has a beautiful mind everything else about them is pretty god looking too!

True love is like a safe that only the right man or woman can unlock. Sometimes, however, when people dwell on past hurts the combination to their love is locked inside the safe!.

Fake friends are worse than evil enemies!

A good African American man is like a good cup of Kenyan coffee hot, sweet, black and strong!

Many women are quick to tell a man “I don’t want you for your money” but some of those same women are constantly complaining about the cars, the houses and the gifts the girlfriend’s man bought for the girlfriend  compared to what you’ve done for them!.

Just because someone sends you a religious email everyday doesn’t mean the sender is Holy and loves God. Liars, devils and thieves can send those kinds of messages too. Seek, find and love your God for yourself!

It’s a sad day when a man or woman says, “I got you” and you find out later the person they were talking about was not you!

Stop making promises you never intend to keep, stop trying to use people that are trying to help you and never be unfaithful to “the ONE” that has always been honest and loyal to you!

When you tell everyone everything you think you have, everything you really have will soon be gone!

A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies, becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else, and he ends up losing respect for himself and for others.

People that say they want equal rights and justice and yet  hate agitators, activists and freedom fighters are men and women who want wine without stomping the grapes, tea without boiling the water and crops without plowing the ground.

When you are wrapped up in yourself you make a very small package. Show those you care about some love on the day for lovers!

It is very easy to hate, to envy or to ignore but it is very hard to love, to cherish or to go “all in” in a marriage or a relationship. Anybody can tear somebody down but it takes a special man or woman to bring a person up!

It’s no secret. Whoever loves you behaves like they love you, talks to you like they love you and treats you like they love you!

Too many family members, friends and coworkers go through life walking down a high-walled lane with people of our own kind, the same economic situation and  the same national background and education and religious outlook. And beyond those walls, all humanity lies, unknown and unseen, and untouched by our restricted and impoverished lives.

Dear God, I pray for courage but receive danger so that courage can grow. I pray for wisdom but receive trouble so that wisdom might develop. I pray for love but receive torment and hatred so that love may be exercised. I cannot only grow in good conditions for there would be no need to call on You for help and guidance. May the blessings of my God and my ancestors direct my life and keep away from my home, my family and my business all harm and evil which cause me hardship!

Some people only want a partner that can give them an occasional moment of “quality time,” but it is better to get with a man or woman that can give you a quality life! Don’t settle for someone that only wants to hit and quit!

Every “Jesus” has a Judas. If you live long enough, a family member, friend or coworker that you love and support will lie on you, leave you and profess their love for your haters and enemies! But never lose faith as all things are possible for we who believe in God!

Just because you’re happy staying in a dead end job forever you don’t have to kick a person to the curb that is working hard to have a better life. When that man or woman goes from zero to a million, they will stay away from you on their own. At the end of the work day, success is still the very best revenge!

You don’t have to tell me who the good people are in my neighborhood. They are the people that love God, love their neighbors and do good things. I don’t need Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to tell me who the voice of the community is. I recognize that voice when I hear it speak out against injustice and inequality. I never wonder who a freedom fighter is. I watch them when they battle against exploitation, oppression and discrimination. It is a sad sheep that needs a wolf to tell him who the shepherd is!

EVERYONE in your life for any length of time including parents, children, spouses, partners and friends, will hurt you in some way. You just have to decide who you truly love, who you can live with and who is worth suffering for. We can deal with a little hurt but sometimes “a constant pain in the butt” has to be dealt with, so to speak!

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