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Black Community is Dying from the hands of an Unexpected Killer (THE SCHOOL SYSTEM)

PINOCCHIO-REPORT-rev.Black Community is Dying from the hands of an Unexpected Killer (THE SCHOOL SYSTEM)

The Pinocchio Report – A vicious cycle of lies to Black & poor communities!

      All across the country Black Communities are being killed off from a number of factors. Poverty, despair and hopelessness brought on by joblessness and poor economic opportunities are the main culprits. However, there is another factor among us, a silent killer if you will, that has done more damage to our communities than any other contributing factor. That killer is the MIAMI DADE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM..

In Miami Dade County, the Public School system is run by Superintendent Alberto Carvalho. It is the 4th largest School District in the entire country, with a 5.6 Billion dollar annual budget. To the average citizen, Mr. Carvalho is a charismatic leader who can do no wrong. He even won Superintendent of the Year a few years back. However, to the Black community, he is Robin Hood in reverse, an individual who steals from the poor and makes promises he seldom keeps.

When he first came into office, he vowed to improve on the paltry 1.4% in business the School District was doing with Black Contractors. 7 years later those numbers are still the same. 3 years ago he promised the Black Community they would receive a lion’s share of the contracts if we supported him in securing a $1.2 Billion dollar General Obligation Bond. 3 years later, with most of the money already spent, very few Black Businessmen and Women received opportunities from the Bond.

But what kills the Black Community more so than most, is giving Black Children less opportunities to succeed than children in other, more affluent communities. And in this area, Carvalho and the Miami Dade School system leads the pack. Last year, MDCPS rolled out 53 new Schools of Choice programs. Only 3 of such programs landed in the Black Community. This year, MDCPS plans on rolling out approximately 57 Schools of Choice programs and the numbers in  the Urban Core will receive is just as abysmal as last year.

If you do not give our students the same opportunity to succeed as you have given others our community dies. If you also factor into this equation that very few Blacks employees are promoted  across the board, the lack of resources in the Urban Core and the erosion/ redistribution of  CAPE funding, Title 1 funding and you can see the death of our community is imminent. We are calling on both the State and Federal Departments of Education to launch thorough audits into the fraudulent use of Title One dollars targeted for closing the Achievement gap in poor communities. We are also seeking a full investigation into the lack of funding and establishment of School Choice Options consisting of Career and Technical Programs,  high performing fully funded Magnet Programs in Dade Counties poor and neediest communities. The attachment is the history of ICARE’s (Inner City Alumni for Responsible Education) dealings with the District and the shell game this Superintendent has played with the Black community during his tenure as the Superintendent of MDCPS.

-The Pinocchio Report-A demand for inclusion & change!!

ICARE officers from Miami Dade Urban Core school’s Alumni Associations

Northwestern –Larry William –Chairman; Miami Central – William DC Clarke- President; Miami Central -Darryl Holsendolph; Miami Norland -Milton Parrish; Miami Jackson- Harriette  Greene and Angie Canty; Miami Edison- Alvin  Smith; Miami Carol City- Ulysses Harvard and

Northwestern –Cleveland Morley


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