Black pastors and their responsibility to the Black community

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Black pastors and their responsibility to the Black community

Written by Phillip Wright Sr. Ph.D.

Part II

There are many financial offerings collected from the church members at the church often enough to be able to assist some of the congregation when they are in an emergency financial need and they can prove it. Where are the educational programs, like tutoring academics to adults and children by volunteers in the church since they are contributing financially as members with concerns. What about teaching adults about the different programs that could assist them by teaching them how to manage financially with daily domestic responsibilities.

What about inviting professional volunteers from outside to teach the Black churches community all about How to access the different programs available as the social services programs, and Business workshops to learn how to start a business, income tax program, pregnancy and prevention programs. There are enough church members too, who are professionals who can donate some of their time to share their knowledge by teaching those others who do not have a clue of many important facts of things that have a profound affect on them in their lives daily.

The church Pastors’ legal status of 501C3 is another issue the Pastors may have found to be a legal intimidating factor that they must deal with annually with the State and the Government. The Black Pastors seem not to want to teach the truth from the Bible that can be apply it to our daily lives as to what is really going on today in our society. The knowledge of it might be seen to be Political in nature. It may cause the wrong kind of attention on the church legal status of 501C3. Many Pastors are gaining riches from their church member’s donations that they might not want to bring any unwanted attention warranting a legal investigation on their 501C3 status. The members, who are faithful, are remaining in the same old financial rut. It has become clear knowledge to the members about what is not being done by our Black Pastors around the country and it is being spoken about by some church members. Black people wake up and start to reconnect with each other and join with ideas of how the Black community can regain the trust and support of its own through the Black Churches.


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