Black  Voters Empowerment Coalition

The Black Voter Empowerment Coalition is a Florida statewide outreach and voter registration plan developed to increase voter participation in the African American community in the 2020 election cycle. The goal is to raise the level of Black involvement, participation, and enthusiasm through education, marketing, organization, and awareness. The project is committed to inform the African American community the importance of the vote. It is an act, and it provides our community with a voice.

Every election is the most significant in our life, and the goal is to get everyone able to vote, to vote. To supplement this project a statewide media plan must be implemented. The media plan would include: TV, radio, newspaper, social media, email blast, and the power of texting. Every day we will fight for our constitutional rights at the ballot box, and our voice will not go unheard.

“The triple pandemic – Covid-19, record business closures, and racists climate of hate are fuel to fire of why we must in this year’s election vote; there’s too much at stake,” USBC President Ron Busby.

The Black Voters Empowerment Coalition started as a group of organizations that came together to mobilize and educate Black voters in four cities in South Florida. The four cities were Hollywood, Hallandale, Dania Beach, and West Hollywood with a goal to hold a registration Drive-By campaign, which is expanding to other Florida cities. The locations of campaign will focus on I-4 Corridor, North Florida, and South Florida.

In order to execute the project, the Black Voters Empowerment Coalition will ride around the Black community with speakers and bull horns, and talk about the election. The volunteers will also give out pertinent information, where to vote, and answer questions. Your vote is your voice.

For more information to join and learn more about the coalition contact Tyrone Ash – or Roger Caldwell – Thank You

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