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Blacks demand justice and Police Departments decide to work less

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell 

Blacks demand justice and Police Departments decide to work less

By Roger Caldwell

Police Departments all over the country are under fire, and they feel they have been mistreated by protestors and liberals. There is a major divide between Blacks and whites, and the other races fall in the middle. Liberals believe that there is institutional racism in the fundamental infrastructure of the police system, and the lower class Blacks and Hispanics are considered thugs and criminals.

Residents who live in poorer communities are treated differently, than people who live in middle and upper class communities. The police have al-ways stated that they treated everyone fairly under the law, but mobile cameras and the new technology has told a different story. In the last year there has been a rash of unprovoked murders of Black young men, who were unarmed, and the police were the aggressors, as a result of mobile cameras.

In 2012, a study entitled “Operation Ghetto Storm” conducted by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement found in the U.S., a Black man is killed every 28 hours. There were 313 Black men killed that year, and most policemen felt threatened or they feared for their life. Most police assume that Black men are violent, and they are perceived as a threat.

Police are taught at school to develop a war-like mentality, and poor people must be controlled and contained. With the recent purchase of military equipment, and the training of military tactics, the police department operates, and treats the community as a war zone. The police act like the community is the enemy, and their job is to win the war.

In the recent acquittal of Officer Michael Brelo, who stood on top of a car and fired 15 shots, after a large number of white officers had already shoot 137 times, the only question experts are asking is why? In many of the cases, such as this Black Cleveland couple, Timothy Russell and Melissa Williams was executed and killed by the police and then found not guilty.

“These officers’ testimonies often read like petrified men shooting at monsters in the abyss. But unlike boogeyman nightmares, this fear will destroy the lives of more Black men, women, and children if we don’t deal with it,” says Joshua Adams of the Huffington Post Blog. In police departments all around the country, reason and common sense no longer exist, and a military mentality has taken over.

Police now work in poor communities with a fear of Blackness; where they shoot first and ask questions later. In Baltimore and many other ur-ban cities, the police have decided to hold back from making arrest. Some police are calling this a work slowdown, and others are angry, because if they make a mistake, they may be arrested. They also say that when they try to do their job, they find 25 to 30 people surrounding them at any time.

At every police department around the country, there is frustration and confusion and everyone is trying to decide what is legal and illegal. Police violence and brutality has always existed in the poor Black and Hispanic communities, but now it is being exposed with mobile cameras and the new technology. The police departments are being asked to wear cameras with their uniforms and this will also tell the truth about different police investigations.

With police slowing down arrest in the urban cities, the murder rates have increased, and it is hard to find the police when one is needed. The police are starting to look the other way, when they see crimes, and afraid to get out of their car. The police are under fire in the Black community because of the way Blacks have been treated for generations. Work slowdowns and looking the other way when the police see crimes will not resolve the problems with police departments in America.

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