Broward Water partnership launches Neighborhood Water Challenge

Broward Water partnership launches Neighborhood Water Challenge

Contestants can win $1000 cash or a new water-conserving irrigation system for Water Conservation and Outreach

By Honey Rand

BROWARD COUNTY, FL — Residents in participating Partnership communities are eligible to participate in the Neighborhood Water Challenge. There are two categories to compete. In the conservation category teams of neighbors (two – five) can get together to conserve water. The second category is outreach and education. Contestants will develop and implement an outreach program to help their neighbors understand that conservation and reuse are more than saving water; it’s about using all of our water resources wisely.

First place winners will receive $1000 cash. The second place prize is a state-of-the-art water-conserving irrigation system. The contest is open to organizations, nonprofits, associations and others. The only criteria is that each team member must live in a Partnership community. The contest is sponsored by Broward Water Partnership, WateReuse Florida and WaterOptimizer. Program details are available at


In the water conservation competition neighbors will work together to save water over a two-month period. Water savings will be determined by comparing 2015 water bills to 2016 water bills. An average savings for each team will be calculated. The team that saves the most win. Each participant in the winning team will receive $1000 cash. Each neighbor on the second place team will receive a state-of-the-art Waterptimizer irrigation system.


Teams aren’t necessary for the outreach and education com-petition. A single resident or family can sign up to create an outreach and education plan to help their neighbors understand that conservation and reuse is more than saving water—it’s about valuing and using all of our water resources (the  right water for the right purpose) and the various ways we can do that—including storm water and recycled water. Details on the judging criteria are avail-able at

Contestants can register for the Neighborhood Water Challenge online at or download and mail or email the form.


Broward Water Partnership is a collaboration of Broward County and 18 utilities and local governments. In addition to the Neighborhood Water Challenge, some members of the Partnership offer toilet rebates (for WaterSense low flow devices) and other conservation devices like aerators and low-flow showerheads.

In the past four years, Bro-ward residents, nonprofits and businesses have total savings to date of 775,514,764 gallons or 2.12 gallons of water per day through the ConservationPays program from Broward Water Partnership.

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