Can Governor Scott and Republican Party Fire Supreme Justices?

Roger Cladwell
Roger Cladwell

Can Governor Scott and Republican Party Fire Supreme Justices?

By Roger Caldwell

      The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) and Governor Scott have decided to hijack the Florida Supreme Court, and oppose three justices on the Supreme Court because they are too liberal and extreme. Under the leadership of Florida Governor Scott, the executive board voted unanimously to oppose Justices R. Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente, and Peggy Quince.

     Many political pundits and experts believe this is a tactic used by our governor to maintain ultimate control of all branches of government in the state. Theoretically, the third branch of government is supposed to be free from politics and non-partisan, but the Republican Party thinks different. The Republican Party thinks everyone in the state is supposed to be a conservative, and if you are a liberal you should be replaced.

     This kind of thinking is backward and it makes our state corrupt and illegitimate. Diversity is what gives America its vitality and the beauty of our democracy is the merging of free thought. Judges and justices are not elected or appointed as members of any political party, and they make ruling on Florida law-free from pressure from politicians.

     In a statement released by the RPOF said: “This week the RPOF executive board voted unanimously to oppose the retention of Supreme Court Justices R. Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente, and Peggy Quince. While the collective evidence of judicial activism amassed by these individuals is extensive, there is one egregious example that all Florida voters should bear in mind when they go to the polls on Election Day. These three justices voted to set aside the death penalty for a man convicted of tying a woman to a tree with jumper cables and setting her on fire. The fact that the United States Supreme Court voted to throw out their legal opinion, raises serious questions as to their competence to understand the law and serve on the bench, and demonstrates that all three justices are too extreme not just for Florida, but for America too.”

     The Party statement singled out a case in 2003, and many pundits think that it is unfair to use a case, when the three justices have impeccable credentials and records. Many political experts argue that the RPOF and Governor Scott are trying to seize control of the courts, and get their political agenda implemented in the state.

     Dick Batchelor, a former Democratic lawmaker now working with Defend Justice from Politics, an advocacy group said, “The question for the public now is, do we want an independent judiciary or do we want to surrender the sovereignty of the courts to a political Legislature?”

     Making the right choices at the ballot is essential if Floridians want a court system free of corruption and political influences. Governor Scott has been fighting the Florida Supreme Court, because they have blocked many of his unconstitutional initiatives. If the RPOF can get Floridians to go to sleep at the polls, they can get the governor to replace the three justices. We know the governor would replace these justices with three conservatives, and the Republican Party would complete their hijacking of all three branches of government in the State of Florida.

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