Can the Democrats lose the Senate in midterm elections?

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Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

Can the Democrats lose the Senate in midterm elections?

By Roger Caldwell

It is now 2014, and President Obama does not want a repeat of 2010. In 2008 the Democrats held both Houses, and in the midterm election the Democrats were handed a crashing defeat in Congress. Many pundits and political experts argue that this is the president’s greatest setback to date in his presidency.

Midterm elections usually favor the party that does not hold the presidency, but many folks place the defeat in the 2010 midterm election on the President. Many charge the President with overconfidence, and he did not utilize the campaign infrastructure that was organized in the 2008 campaign. President Obama somehow dropped the ball, and he was not engaged in campaigning for the party in 2010.

Now in 2014, the president would like to achieve something no other president has ever done, and retake full control of both Houses in a midterm election. In all probability, this will not happen, but the President cannot make the same mistakes he made in 2010. As the leader of the party, in 2014, the President must get the Democrats who don’t vote in midterm elections, to come out and vote.

The Republicans know their favorability ratings are at an all-time low, but they think the young and the minorities usually don’t vote in a midterm election. They believe if they can mobilize their base, they may be able to win in close races. Republicans face branding problems, but the chairmen of the party is trying to do a facelift.

Chairmen Priebus is trying to make the party inclusive, and he is inviting all minorities and women into the new Republican Party. Everyone knows that this is just a talking point that sounds good, but it will probably fool some women and minorities to vote for the party.

President Obama is certain that he does not want a repeat of 2010, and in 2014 lose the Senate to the Republicans. There are 35 Senate seats up for re- election in 2014 and 21 are now held by Democrats. In order for the Republicans to take control of the Senate, they would have to win 6 of the seats held by Democrats.

It is very unlikely that the Republicans can gather up enough votes in these strong Democratic districts, but Republicans will raise and spend money. Once the Republicans realized they had lost the Presidential race in 2012, the next month they were starting to raise money for the 2014 campaign midterm election. Along with raising money, the Republicans have also initiated a new strategy and go into diverse communities, and tell their story of why conservative principles are good for the country.

Chairmen Priebus and the leaders of the Republican Party understand the demographics in the country has changed, and the minority vote will determine which party will win in presidential elections. In midterm elections Republicans are counting on minorities and the youth to stay home, and by going into minority communities with people who look the same, they can win new voters.

The Republicans are serious about winning more seats in 2014, than the Democrats, in local state and federal elections. The Democrats appear to have lost their passion in midterm elections, and they are not sure of what they want or what they are fighting for.

President Obama will be the key to the midterm election by mobilizing the grassroots with his speaking excitement and gifts. He must bring consistency and clarity to the importance of voting for Democrats, and why we must win. If the Democrats are going to win in 2014 elections, President Obama must campaign the same way he did in 2012.

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