Capitalism turns political wheels in the politics of democracy

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Capitalism turns political wheels in the politics of democracy By Derek Joy Yep.  You know it. . .

“Slick Rick” is on the run now, camouflaged as a tour to meet educators and others he is trying to convince that he helped their cause.

That’s Florida Governor “Slick” Rick Scott, the Republican who is as slippery as an eel. Hence, ”Slick Rick.”

Isn’t it ironic that the slippery Scott whistle stopped in Tampa last week, just ahead of Saturday’s Annual Kennedy-King fundraising gala in Tampa. Just so happens that former Gov, Charlie Crist, once a longtime Republican, now a Democrat, was a featured speaker.

There’s no doubt Scott is on the stomp for a 2014 re-election bid.  And even folks with blinders and rosy- colored glasses on can see that Crist is aiming for the 2014 Democratic Gubernatorial nomination.

Ironic?  For sure!  A bit of poetic justice looming?  Could happen.

Imagine.  Scott is running around the state touting the $2,500 annual raise he claimed to have gotten for teachers.

What the scoundrel in his political skullduggery isn’t saying is the taxes, increased contributions to insurance and retirement and how their own money is spent on supplies that should be bought with tax dollars.

He’s not talking about how he and the Republican majority in the Florida State Legislature are steadfastly resistant to the billions in federal funds for Medicaid, denying medical benefits to Florida’s senior citizens and disabled so the Republican Party can capitalize.

Republicans are seemingly waging an all out political war against Democrats to the detriment of the nation and “We, the People. . .”

Crist found that out when he was Governor.  Had the nerve to embrace President Barack Obama and his stimulus, among other issues of benefit to the Florida’s people and economy.

The GOP ostracized Crist, withdrew political and financial support of Crist’s U.S. Senate campaign, and backed eventual winner Marco Rubio, a Cuban American Miami Republican.

Interestingly enough, the failed hotel bed tax legislation to help renovate the Miami Dolphins’ Sun Life Stadium may just come into play in this upcoming political fracas.

The politics of that issue includes legislation that was introduced in the Florida Senate by Miami Gardens Democrat, Senator Oscar Braynon (Dist. 33).  As that battle raged on, House Speaker Will Weatherford (Tampa, Republican), blocked the legislation in the House.

It was all about denying the voters of Miami Dade County the opportunity to say whether or not it would be alright to help finance renovations to Sun Life Stadium with a one cent hotel bed tax increase,

You know, that isn’t in line with political compromise that was mentioned by Florida State Representative Sharon Pritchett, (Dem., Dist. 102), when chided about how the Republican agenda benefited from ramrod tactics.

“Sure.  They call it comprise.  Better to have something instead of nothing.  It’s their example of bipartisan effort,” said Pritchett.

The ideal concept in a Democracy.  So, too, was the Three Clause in the U.S. Constitution that allowed slave masters three votes for every five slaves they owned.

So, is it farfetched to ask if Political Parties conspire to perpetuate economic slavery?


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