Career politicians revel in the politics of political dirt

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Career politicians revel in the politics of political dirt

By Derek Joy

     And just like that!  Dirt is flying in politics and sports.

    What, with the Presidential elections capturing the attention of America and the world, the Miami Marlins have to create a stir to salvage their severely damaged image.

    Dirt flies freely with entertaining purpose. So much so that I am reminded of how I used to watch airplanes fly so effortlessly while stationed at Minot AFB, North Dakota, during the Viet Nam War.

    Equally as easy is how the dirt is flying from Democrats and Republicans in this high stakes Presidential Election, Nov. 6.  Understandable in what is virtually a winner-take-all sweepstakes.

    But now, these Miami Marlins take the cake.

    Granted, the newfangled Marlins did as owner Jeffrey Loria said he would once the team had its own ball-park. Loria spent big on free agents. Trouble is, nothing worked out quite like the team expected.

    As things would have it, relief pitcher Heath Bell dropped a bomb as a spoiled teacher’s pet does to hide his own dirty little failures. Yeah.  Bell was one of Loria’s handpicked, high priced free agents.

    Bell bombed repeatedly. He blew multiple saves but kept the closer’s job only because Loria wanted him to. That created a silent subtle beginning of the big flop.

    The real mess hit the fan when Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen was quoted in a magazine article as saying “I love Castro.” Guillen also noted how Castro had been in power for some 60 years even though people had been trying to kill him.

    One might think that’s a reasonable statement in view of the fact that many threats have been made against Castro’s life. 

    But not here in Miami Dade County where Hispanics – especially Cuban Americans – form the majority of the population.   

    Some leaders in the Cuban American community went up in arms. Their incendiary objections led to a suspension for Guillen and a public apology. Guillen would later say, “I play who they tell me to play.”

    And there you have it. Cuban Americans have the unmitigated gall to abridge the Constitutional rights of others. Precisely what they claim Castro did to them. Yet not one little thing has been done to remove Castro from power by this vocal segment of the community.

    Naw. They’d rather go gallivanting about denying others the very Constitutional rights they so passionately detest Castro. Just seems they would go back and vote him out of office.  Or maybe do what was done in several Middle East countries.

    Instead, they await the miracle of America running Castro out. 

    Likewise, instead of firing Marlins executives David Samson and Larry Bienfest, Loria prefers to await the miracle that fans will not find out more dirt beyond how he swindled Miami Dade County taxpayers into providing the biggest chunk of the financing for his Marlins Ball Park.

    So let the political dirt fly in politics and sports. The public will see the scandals in those misguided efforts.


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