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Texas officer who killed black teenager leaving party is charged with 0.murder

A Texas police officer who shot and killed a 15-year-old high school freshman last weekend has been charged with murder, according to news reports. Roy Oliver, a patrol officer in the Dallas suburb of Balch Springs, has not been arrested, but a judge signed a murder warrant Friday afternoon and his bond has been set at $300,000, according to the Dallas Morning News. Oliver, who had been with the department ...

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Attention Lauderhill Shuttle Bus Riders

Effective Monday, May 1, 2017, the City of Lauderhill Community Bus Routes #6 & #7 Timetable Schedules will change slightly to include a pick up and drop off in front of the Lauderhill Central Park Library. ...

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7 clever kitchen spring clean hacks—so easy, you wish you’d done them sooner

Get ready to savor the spotless happy place that will be your kitchen after these cost-effective, all-natural tips. ...

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This one number explains America’s violence problem and it’s not income or unemployment

When one thinks of violence in America, inner cities or areas with low incomes and high unemployment usually come to mind. ...

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One of a Kind Children’s adventure Book Series helps Black youth understand their unique roots

One of a Kind Children’s adventure Book Series helps Black youth understand their unique roots ...

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African American author, family strategist, and mother of seven releases powerful new book to help families communicate effectively

The Family Strategist(TM), entrepreneur and author, Charlotte Avery. Convinced that one can build bridges that lead to happy, healthy, and whole relationships by tearing down walls that have been built by negative tones, negative words, and other negative forms of communication ...

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An empowered Black woman from Florida

An empowered Black woman from Florida ...

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Where Are the People?

Where Are the People? ...

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A walk back in time

A walk back in time ...

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