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Common sense is not so common

Byler-HenryCommon sense is not so common

By Byler Henry

It has once been said that common sense is not so common and it appears to be true. This new generation of youngsters has been playing dangerous games, not thinking things through. A couple of years ago there was fire challenge, a popular thing going around. Teens would put rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on their bodies and set time themselves on fire just to run under a shower to put themselves out. It seemed as if the faze has died out, and now some new dangerous activities have surfaced. What is going through their heads?

One such dangerous trend is the no lackin’ challenge. What is this, you may ask? The no lackin’ challenge is when someone pulls a gun out on their friends to see if they will pull a gun back out on them. Lackin is a slang word meaning you are not carrying a firearm. Although no one pulls the trigger, this is still very dangerous. In Memphis, Tennessee a 17-year-old was shot in the head after they played this game. He is in the hospital in critical condition. His 21 year old friend faces charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon and unlawful possession of a handgun, because he didn’t have a permit to carry the gun. If the 17-year-old dies, he could be charged with murder. The trend has been seen online and needs to be stopped. If anyone is thinking about trying this game because they saw it online stop and ask yourself is it worth it? Take a look at the 17-year-old’s story and let this be a lesson.

Another dangerous internet trend that has surfaced is the eating of Tide Pods. This Tide Pod challenge is done by biting into the detergent packets and daring others to take on the challenge. This comes with health risks as the detergent should be for washing clothes not eating. When the detergent gets into your mouth, the chemicals result in serious burns to the esophagus, mouth, and respiratory tract. After experiencing cognitive issues some victims had to be rushed to the hospital. Don’t attempt everything you see online, and parents please don’t let your children attempt any of these dangerous online trends. Talk to them and find out about what trends are going around. It should be well known not to attempt any of these. I have some suggestions for challenges for youngsters in this generation to try. How about trying to see how many books you could read in a set a-mount of time, or how about high school seniors see how many scholarships you could get, or how many community service hours you could get. I have a challenge that all families can participate in, I call it the family dinner challenge. At the dinner table, the family should sit together and have a discussion and see if you could refrain from using any technology at the dinner table and have healthy discussions. How about these challenges? Do something productive instead of putting yourself at harm.



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