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Does racism have an impact on health?

 “…emotional and physical trauma for more than 400 years affect the well-being and outlook of Blacks every day. Day-to-day urban life, gentrification and uncertainty of the future cause  stress, anxiety, depression and mental disorders, some of which never get treated.” ...

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New screening guidelines recognize high breast cancer risk in African American women

     New breast cancer screening guidelines recognize for the first time that African American women are at high risk for breast cancer and should be screened accordingly. ...

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Florida Department of Health in Broward County

     As a result, the Florida Department of Health in Broward is urging people to take precautions to protect their families from the flu virus, especially by receiving flu vaccine as soon as possible. ...

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October is Rx Month: Prescription Medications

October is Rx Month: ...

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Trio of Surgical Residents share The Hopes, Expectations of Being Black, Female and Physicians

All three are young, smart and ambitious - that’s a given for any Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) surgical resident who’s bested dozens, if not hundreds, of other applicants to win a spot in one of the integrated programs that accept one intern each year. ...

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With HIV rates topping the nation, Baton Rouge needs HAART, Open Health, and PreP

 “HIV disease is not just a threat to those who acquire it, but to potentially much larger numbers of people if left unchecked. It’s our responsibility to assist persons with HIV, not only to improve their personal health, but to ensure they don’t pass it on to others…” ...

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Africa Umoja: The Spirit of Togetherness, a Journey Through South African Music

     Music makes us human.  Songs expressing moments of joy and sadness, pain and celebration, death and birth have existed as long as Man. A melody is a soul’s hum, dance a body’s natural sway, and drums echo the rhythm of the heart. Music is instinctive. Music is defining. Music makes us human. ...

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Florida Dental Hygienists’ Association announces new leadership for 2018-19

The Florida Dental Hygienists’ Association installed Alwyn Leiba, CRDH, Ph.D., of Pembroke Pines, Fla., as the association’s 2018-19 president, along with FDHA’s new slate of officers for the upcoming year. ...

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Pfizer Rare Disease Introduces Council for Change to Further Help SCD Patients

“ “By including experts across multiple medical specialties reflecting acute Sickle Cell Disease care, along with advocates and patients with Sickle Cell Disease, the CFC model delivers meaningful insights, communication networks, and solid solutions to address critical issues in the acute care paradigm,” ...

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