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Models to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in America

HIV in the U.S. know their HIV status and have a suppressed viral load. This is both ambitious and necessary to end the HIV epidemic ...

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Broward Health schedules 387 mammograms two weeks before Mammopalooza begins

MAMMOPALOOZA officially kicks off on Monday, Oct. 1, Broward Health has already registered 387 mammograms for the month of October, and more are being scheduled every day. ...

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Rice & Diabetes: The link you don’t know about

people who eat more white rice are at increased type 2 diabetes risk, and those who eat more brown rice have less risk. ...

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If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem

The hope is to gather Black Community leaders and advocates in the HIV/AIDS field and arm us with the skills and tools we need to effectively mobilize our community against this disease ...

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Step One: Fully Implement the Affordable Care Act

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ...

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Statistics show Black men worse off

Black men suffer far worse health than any other racial group in America ...

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HIV among African Americans

African Americans accounted for 44 percent of all new HIV infections in that year. ...

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Skin & hair care tips for Black men

African American skin care are difficult to find, Black men’s skin care ...

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