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Was integration a good thing for Black people? Probably not

terms of integration should be such that you are able to engage in fair trade without allowing yourself to be subjugated ...

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Sharp drop in Black male enrollment in med schools

Black or African American males are applying to, being accepted to, and matriculating into medical school in diminishing numbers ...

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CNN’s lack of diversity shows in the ‘dark-skinned males’ comment

[caption id="attachment_11955" align="alignleft" width="324"] CNN Lack of Diversity                                           [/caption] CNN’s lack of diversity shows in the ‘dark-skinned males’ comment By Dr. Boyce Watkins       When you use a loosely-defined term such as “dark-skinned male” to describe the suspect of one of the most notorious crimes in American history, you should fully expect that people ...

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A town copes with lives lost in Texas blast

West, Texas  Since they were little boys growing up West, Texas, brothers Doug and Robert Snokhous did everything together. They fixed cars, went hunting, golfed and barbecued together. It just made sense that they would both become volunteer firefighters, and that they were side by side last Wednesday when they rushed to a fire at the West Fertilizer Co. The brothers were among 14 people who died after the ...

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FBI Releases Photos of Suspects at Briefing


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Pell Grant changes will slow Black graduation rates

Pell grants has Rex, 24, worried that she might not be able to complete her bachelor’s degree at Cal State or anywhere else ...

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Great Cars do not happen without Great People

Toyota has a diversity strategy that is working ...

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NUL: Blacks slip on the road to parity with whites

National Urban League’s new “State of Black America” report ...

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White House Aides defend Obama budget proposal

president’s budget calls for reducing the cost-of-living ...

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