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The Elusive ‘Black Agenda’

Black agenda designed to address the myriad economic, social and political disparities that afflict the Black community ...

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China in denial about its race problem

The comfort level and the acceptance of a foreigner in the Chinas are directly proportional to the skin pigmentation of that non-Chinese ...

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Coalition of Black media owners and professional organizations launch “Million Dollar Black Spending Power Campaign”: Calls on Black community to reclaim Black economic power

The Million Dollar Black Spending Power Campaign raises the question “where is the money?” It is not reaching the Black community argue the organizers. ...

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An old song still resonates: ‘Is it because I’m Black?’

The song in question is a question in itself: “Is It Because I’m Black?” is the title. Johnson recorded it in 1968 ...

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Cop says he was fired for reporting officers who threatened President Obama and First Lady

The two officers who were fired as a result of the CBS interview deny that they ever threatened the Obamas ...

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Supreme Court hears voting rights challenge

Supreme Court to determine whether a key section of the Voting Rights Act should be upheld, Justice Antonin Scalia referred to the provision as “perpetuation of racial entitlement.” ...

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Some students have become ‘numb’ to violence

The different reaction might be because children have been forced to deal with violence when their minds should have been focused on the simpler things in life. ...

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U.S. Appeals Court upholds injunction halting Florida’s drug testing of welfare applicants

The ACLU of Florida, with co-counsel Florida Justice Institute (FJI), challenged Florida’s 2011 law requiring all applicants for the TANF program to submit to a suspicionless drug test in a lawsuit filed on Sept. 6, 2011 ...

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Black women see dramatic fall in incarceration rates

Incarceration rates fall for Black women ...

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