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Gymnast Simone Biles Leads The U.S. Team To Rio

SAN JOSE, California, July 10 ― Simone Biles recorded yet another crushing victory at the U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastics trials on Sunday, sending a clear message to her rivals that Rio Games gold is her next target. The three-time reigning world all-around champion, who has not lost amajor competition since 2013, will lead a powerhouse U.S. squad into Rio that includes London Olympic gold medalists and Fi ...

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Miami Dolphins: Help Liberty City With their Health in the Hood Project

Deserts are just as bad as they sound. They're in an area of land where there's little to no precipitation. They're often hot and humid. That alone makes living conditions hostile for plant and animal life. The lack rainwater causes, no food, no vegetation, and makes it difficult for survival. Food deserts, different but similar, are just as unpleasant. They're located in neighborhoods belong to Miami's mos ...

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Miami Dolphins: Helping Kids Stay Fit With Their Gatorade Junior Training Camp

If you were a car, what type of car would you be? It was that simple question that sparked the minds of children at Barbara Hawkins Elementary School in Miami Gardens for the Miami Dolphins Gatorade Junior Training Camp. Two of the Dolphins alumni, including Louska Polite and Troy Drayton, who's now a Youth and Community Programs Manager with the organization, asked that question to the children. One of the ...

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Miami Dolphins: Larry Little Inducted into Hometown Hall of Fame

What happens when dreams come true? Playing in the National Football League is a goal that most aspire to achieve when they start playing organized football. Actually achieving that goal and playing in the league is a feeling that some will only get to embrace. Playing for one's hometown professional team is a feeling that most will never get to see. Larry Little, on the other hand, got to do exactly that. ...

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Miami Marlins: Winning Thanks to Fernandez In Spite of Stanton’s Slump

It's awesome how much can change in baseball in just a matter of weeks. Last week the Miami Marlins were well on their way to competing for a higher ranking spot in the NL East and were on a three-game winning streak. This week after losing two games to the Philadelphia Phillies, and another to the Washington Nationals, the Marlins had a three-game losing streak. The good news is, that baseball is a maratho ...

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Miami Dolphins: Helping Students Change Lives & Graduate With City Year

Life is precious. That's why as soon as we're born it begins the countdown. What we're counting down is the seconds, minutes and hours until we pass away and move on from Earth. That's why during those valuable moments while we're alive, we should act as our brother's keeper. It's in those moments in which we give back to our family, our community, and our world that will leave a lasting impact on Earth lon ...

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Miami Heat: How Toronto Ended Miami’s Playoff Dreams

“They don’t want you to make the Eastern Conference Finals.” This year DJ Khaled's "they" got the upper hand. It's never easy seeing the Miami Heat lose. It's never easy seeing the Miami Heat lose in game seven in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs by 27 points. Miami fell to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday inside of the Air Canada Centre by a score of 116-89 and they didn't look well the ent ...

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Miami Marlins: Streaking Under Don Mattingly’s Leadership

There's such a love-hate dynamic when we talk about the Miami Marlins. There's love for the team because everyone in Miami loves to rep their sports teams to the death. There's also love because fans of the Marlins already understand that this franchise is one of the few in baseball that has multiple World Series championships. But there's so much hate when it comes to this franchise because fans want to se ...

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Miami Heat: How Can Win They Without Whiteside?

On Saturday night, we got to see yet another vintage performance from Dwyane Wade. During that same Saturday night, we also got to see one of the most devastating losses in Heat playoff history. During the second quarter of game three against the Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside left the game after spraining the MCL in his right knee. Whiteside was going up for a defensive rebound. Raptor ...

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