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Miami Hurricanes: Why Their Basketball Team Is Very Underrated

Don't look now but Miami is starting to slowly become a basketball town instead of the football city that most of the residents have grown to see. With the success of the Miami Heat and the failures of the Miami Dolphins during the last decade, it's been easy to see why more people are starting to gravitate towards the hardwood instead of the football field. Another basketball team locally that everyone sho ...

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Hallandale Senior High School Chargers football team join in the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church 300 Men in Black.

Hallandale Senior High School Chargers football team join in the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church 300 Men in Black. Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church was filled to the brim with Black men in Black supporting of the theme: “There’s A War Cry for Soldiers of the Lord”. Bishop Victor T. Curry delivered a message from the Book of Psalms that resonated through the church like thunder. As Bishop Curry asked th ...

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Miami Dolphins Aren’t Not Ready to Quit

What if you were drowning and you had to fight for every piece of air; What would you do? Dolphins by nature aren't animals that drown in water. In fact, they're the opposite, they embrace the water. As for our beloved Miami Dolphins, they too are starting to embrace water as well. The entire season has been set with a Super Bowl aspiration and this team hasn't quit on themselves. Even in the midst of a dif ...

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Miami Heat: How Their Defense Became Legit

It's very early, yes. The season is only nine games in yes. But it's ok to get optimistic about the Miami Heat. If you’ve been very impressed with the way that Miami has played their last nine games then good for you because it’s warranted. Miami has been playing their tails off and one of the reasons why they’ve been winning games is because they’ve gone back to their winning roots. On the court, the Heat ...

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Miami Heat: Layoff Goran Dragic For a Bit, Please & Thank You

The Miami Heat have been missing a legitimate starting point guard for the past five years. Before in the past people would get upset because they felt that the point guard position was the final piece to the roster that would make it whole. Well now that Goran Dragic is finally in town and he's starting the Heat finally have a legitimate starting point guard. [caption id="attachment_42344" align="alignrigh ...

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Miami Hurricanes: It’s Time to Start Looking Forward

Depression, it's a terrible feeling. That feeling of depression effects many of us today in our normal lives and it plays a big part in our future if we don't control it. For most fans of the Miami Hurricanes, watching them play against the North Carolina Tar Heels was depressing. It was depressing to watch Miami get destroyed. It was depressing to know that the season was over before our eyes. Fans expecte ...

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Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade Is Back to His Normal Game

"Lucky 13. Lucky 13." Media day didn't look like a typical media day. As media members swarmed around Miami's biggest superstar Dwyane Wade, he was jovial and all smiles as he jumped around the Miami Heat practice court. Wade was excited and brought a lot of energy during the often mundane media day session. Even during the photo shoots Wade was happy and smiling like he knew he something that everyone else ...

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Miami Dolphins: Is This the Beginning of the End of the Season?

No one knew what to expect this week as the Miami Dolphins were on their way to face the Buffalo Bills. We thought that thrashing Miami suffered against the New England Patriots was an outlier. We didn’t think that was the way it would always be in competition. Or maybe we did expect this. Maybe we were really just living on some foolish concept of optimism with the Dolphins. Maybe we were sipping on the sa ...

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Miami Heat: How Tyler Johnson & Justise Winslow Went From Overlooked to Recognized

Being overlooked is something that not a lot of people have to get used to. It's something that many professional athletes aren't too accustomed to either. However, for a special percentage of people, being overlooked is a part of their life story just as vital as DNA is a part of their characteristics. Being overlooked can either take someone and make them feel less than what they are and perform underneat ...

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