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Cathedral Church of God does its part

money-yhis-oneCathedral Church of God does its part

      The setting here at Cathedral Church of God (CCG) in the city of Deerfield, Fla., was welcoming and homey for an intimate celebration. For the completion of the CDC tutoring program, Rev. David Johnson and his staff at CCG held an Appreciation dinner in honor of the students and family members of their students. Cathedral Church of God called the students in their CDC tutoring program “our hope of the future.”

This CDC tutoring/homework program was set up by Rev. Johnson and the board of directors at the CCG. They also received help from several sponsors so not only were the students honored but the sponsors as well.

Those sponsors who were honored at the dinner as well grew up or lived or live in the Deerfield area. Like Dr. Nathaniel Knowles senior chaplain for Broward Sheriff Office, Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed, Florida State Representative, and Gloria Battle, City Commissioner of Deerfield, to name a few.

Each one of these honorees spoke passionately about how much the people of Deerfield have impacted their lives, how important giving back to the community of Deerfield was to them, and how Rev. Johnson fights for funding for the City of Deerfield and the CCG. It felt as if you were at a family re-union as each honoree recalled how they touch individuals in the community,  working with each other beforehand and Dr. Knowles recalling being in high school with Ms. Battle. It was great to see pillars in the community like Florida State Representatives and city com-missioners show how much they care for their city by coming to this dinner.

Each honoree gave credit to the Master of Ceremonies, Rev. Johnson, for his relentless pursuit for funding for the community of Deerfield and CCG. As Florida State Representative Clarke-Reed said, “Rev. John-son’s pursuit for funding for his city is to be admired.” It seemed like all agreed and even City Commissioner Battle could re-late.

“It seemed like every other day I would receive a phone call from Rev. Johnson about funding for Cathedral,” she said jokingly. She went on to say, “But there isn’t anybody I know who cares more about getting money for children of Deerfield than Rev. Johnson.” At the end of the ceremony all enjoyed light finger food and socialized. The ceremony was truly an honest, heartfelt event that brought a group of people closer together.

This CDC Tutoring program is one of many that the CCG is putting out to the public of Deerfield. If you would like to learn about any other programs and events at Cathedral Church of God, contact Rev. Johnson at (954) 592-9859.

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