Cause and Effect: Citizen Complacency = Fatal Consequences

Santura Pegram

By Santura Pegram

Just when people thought they have seen enough theatrics portrayed in the daily political games (and broken promises) being played at their expense by elected officials at every level of government, citizens are continually subjected to a rising wave of violent acts occurring every hour, mounting economic oppression that has continued to destroy countless lives while enriching a privileged few, and not to omit the tag team approaches of abusive law enforcement figures, overzealous prosecutors with political aspirations, and out-of-touch judges. Equally disturbing is the consequences of inaction by citizens and the unwillingness to challenge the status quo and force effective change that is growing worse by the day.

To the detriment of hundreds of millions of people here in America and abroad, the increasing evolution of systems is continuing to wreak havoc on the life of practically every middle income and poor person today. It would do citizens well to understand that this new “thirst for power” by any means, and the disregard for the livelihood and survival of human beings at or below the middle-income level is not an accident – it is by design. Remember: the money is not in the solution. The money is found in the perceived “treatment” of an ongoing problem(s), which explains why Band-Aid approaches are taken when addressing most real issues.

For children living in urban communities, the “public education system” has merely become a bureaucratic one that continues to set them up for failure by maintaining school to prison pipelines.

For those who are able to avoid that route, they still face a bleak future due to the failure to implement relevant curriculums that are geared towards financial literacy – investment education (beginning at the 1st grade level through 12th grade); computer software coding – electronic health records billing & coding (beginning at middle school); healthcare-oriented nursing programs that teach (10th through 12th graders) the fundamentals of becoming a nursing assistant and enable them to obtain CNA (certified nursing assistant) certification-licensure by the time they graduate high school; and more hands-on vocational education at the start of high school like electrical-carpentry-plumbing-HVAC and CDL preparation training coursework.

Once they reach adulthood, people who either run afoul of the law, are wrongfully accused of a criminal offense, or are considered the “wrong color,” often have to contend with a so-called “legal system” that provokes recidivism instead of genuinely empowering people to be successful, remain crime-free, and become an asset to the greater community. Hereby, forcing most of them (and other people too whose only similarity is lacking economic resources) to become almost dependent upon the next ‘system’…one that definitely traps most recipients in a lifetime of hopelessness and a poverty mindset.

“Government systems” were established for what was supposed to be a source of much needed assistance to residents of every city, county, and state. Unfortunately, that has often not been the case. Instead of serving as a temporary means of support along the path of helping people get on their feet, this system has handicapped most such individuals and done little to equip them with the necessary skills and solutions to create a better life for themselves and their family member(s). This particular system continues to be abused by not only numerous recipients, but also countless organizations and programs who pose as nonprofit entities that are supposed to be addressing poverty and other service-oriented initiatives which have fallen through the cracks.

Knowing all of this, the question is, how long will American citizens continue to follow the same direction as gullible sheep being misled to slaughter? Don’t fool yourself. Power-thirsty politicians in Washington never imagined that more than one thousand angry citizens would storm the Capitol in D.C. and cause historic chaos. While their approach was misguided, the fact remains they were the first of growing numbers who are slowly but surely becoming equally frustrated with, and furious towards, public policy makers who have continued to do nothing but waste precious time and vast resources on everything other than what they should.

Truthfully speaking, American citizens have no one to blame besides themselves for what is continuing to take place at every level of government. People rant and rave (often only inside their own home or amongst their own social circles) over far-reaching decisions that are being made which negatively impact their life and that of everyone around them, and they might participate in an ineffective march which leads to nothing. They get all caught up in the heat of the moment when elections roll around, but they refuse to embrace two critical factors that have proven to be pivotal and life-changing: (#1) voting is pointless if you continue to vote for the same person/people or ones who have no proven (extended) history of actively helping disadvantaged people, and (#2) there has never been more of a need to push for “term-limits” at every level of government and for any/all elected officials like never before. This includes individuals who aspire to serve in positions like District Attorneys/Chief Prosecutors, City and County Council members, Mayors, and even U.S. Supreme Court Judges.

Speaking of which, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor offered citizens a wake-up notice when, in 2021, she cautioned that “There is going to be a lot of disappointment in the law, a huge amount.”

Oddly enough, almost one year later the same Court which she sits on changed historic legal precedence that has been in place for 50-years regarding abortion rights of women. Trust and believe, that is only the beginning of what is to come next.

At the end of any day, any logical thinker should be able to foresee what is brewing beneath the surface – both from the perspective of decision-makers in government and the response of overwhelmed and desperate citizens. Sooner or later, America will witness a modern-day revolt by citizens who will protest against their government. Imagine what would happen if large groups of people begin to boycott gas stations and opt to ride public transportation or bike to their local destinations? Imagine what would happen if people began refusing to pay their mortgages, utilities, and taxes (property & otherwise)?

Imagine what would happen if people stopped paying college tuition debt, stop patronizing stores that refuse to offer 2 for 1 prices or discounts on all groceries? Best yet, imagine what would happen if consumers stop paying their credit card debt and force the financial industry to come to their knees?

Most voters might be a bit gullible and naïve, however, they certainly are not stupid. You can lead some sheep to an ugly demise, but sooner or later those behind them are likely going to begin using common sense to avoid the same peril of those who have gone before them. Governments, corporate America, and law enforcement officials can only do what people allow them to do and everyone has a breaking point. How much will you tolerate?

       * Santura Pegram ( is a freelance writer and socially conscious business consultant who has helped to advise small businesses; nonprofit organizations; city, county, and state governmental committees; elected officials; professional athletes; and school systems.

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