Causes and effects of diabetes and other diseases

CAUSES-AND-EFFECTS-OF-DIABECauses and effects of diabetes and other diseases

By P. L. Wright PhD.

While inspecting many foods sold in our supermarkets by reading all of the ingredients included, I found that they are full of sugar and sodium (salt) that we do need a daily amount of.

There are other preservatives included to keep the foods from spoiling, but it could be causing harm to our organs in our bodies and our minds due to the amounts of the ingredients included. However, these preservatives in the canned goods and packaged foods may also cause different illnesses and diseases when consumed into our bodies.

The pharmaceutical industries needed to give society more and more medical drugs to treat the symptoms only, which also increases more illnesses or death in many medical health care cases. Society may be threatened with contaminated foods that have been chemically grown with some harmful chemicals to help the growth of different vegetables and fruits to accommodate the growing number of consumers. In my research study of what happens to the public when not having the chance to purchase the more expensively grown vegetables and fruits and other foods that we call organic or natural creates a society of sick and gravely ill people.

Sometimes the labeled organic or natural foods may not really be true as labeled, depending where you purchase them from. This is also one of the causes and effects of our growing economic medical health care and insurance industry crisis.

Our major corporations who grow and supply these foods to our stores and markets are making so much money that it may be difficult for them to find solutions to end these dilemmas in our society. Those are some of the causes and effects of these problems in what should be considered Affordable Health Care and Affordable Insurance Industries.

There are also ingredients like MSG to enhance the food flavor that is  there to increase your appetite to eat more and more food, which increases your chances to gain weight and develop diabetes or other diseases.

Some of the diseases that may be associated with eating these foods with so much salt (sodium) and sugar are different types of cancers, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, blindness, loss of body limbs dental that includes gum disease, and other problems like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and lung cancer. These foods are helping create our sick and diseased society.

The entire   world is also confronted and suffering with these same causes and effects of what is happening to the average consumers. If the average consumer cannot afford the safer and more affordable choices of purchasing the organic or naturally grown foods and commodities we may not be able to end the increasing medical Health Care and Insurance Industry economic crisis created by the causes and effects of the Foods our Industry grows and package.

However, there is also the need for more food to feed the increasing populations in the world which is one of the main reasons chemically grown foods exist in the market place. Have we made, and are still making a mistake on how to grow and feed our society?


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