Changing a street corner mentality


“I will keep you safe only if you change your ways. Be fair and honest with each other.” Jeremiah 7:5 (CEV)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

      Have you ever hung out on a street corner or ever visited the streets on regular basis? If you have then I’m quite sure you noticed the different mentality that permeates and drives the attitudes for the need to survive.

You’ve seen street life played out on movie screens across the country and watched it come alive in your living room on your TV.

This street corner mentality is driven by the desire to get ahead no matter how much venom you have to spew and it really doesn’t matter who it falls on or who is affected by the fall out.

It’s hard to shake this embedded belief that one must rob people of their identity and steal the core essence of their humanism so that you can wallow for a moment in an imaginary world.

Steeling, murder and rape are just everyday things that play out in the mentality of the street corner.

How a street corner mentality is changed into one of diplomatic coexistence in life is not impossible. “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 (KJV) The street corner mentality believes that there is some misery for doing right and this thought process lingers far longer when selfish desires are present.

To have a change of mind set from the street corner mentality, we have to be of the same mind, that of having no apprehension for loving each other. We ought to be sympathetic and self-effacing.

We should not be intolerable and offend others just because they are detestable and capable of harm. In its place, we should offer everyone consideration. We are all God’s creation and He blesses all.

The street corner mentality needs to change. If it honestly loves life, then it should cease gossiping and lying and turn away from engaging in malicious things and spreading death.

How difficult is it for the street corner mentality to turn aside from doing harm by dealing in wickedness? Trying to do right becomes much easier as you develop a path to peace within yourself.

All our actions, including the street corner mentality, are seen, and we should want others to see the God in us, not the evil that causes a domino effect that spreads like rust on an old car.

Yes, the street corner mentality will do you injury for doing what is good. Still if you must go through tribulations for doing good things, do them anyway! You will be blessed. As a result of doing good, more and more you will stop being afraid and cease being so concerned about what the street corner mentality may do or think.

Begin to give into the Spirit that leads you to righteous living and let it have its way in your life and soon the street corner mentality will begin to fade away.

Be ever so ready to offer encouragement about your trust and faith and provide a kind and courteous response in situations that may make you uncomfortable. Always allow your actions to leave you with an unmistakable sense of right and wrong.

If you do this, those who have said and wronged you because of the street corner mentality will be made to look at things in a different Light; they will be at an advantage to act upon what is Right and maybe they will accept suffering for doing good rather than enduring for doing wrong.

“Lord when it’s all said and done may I leave the street corner mentality right where it belongs– on a dead end street.”

— By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

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