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Charles Barkley donates $1 million to Morehouse College

charles-barkley-donates-$1-Charles Barkley donates $1 million to Morehouse College

      Maybe be felt guilty for saying a whole lot of crazy about Black people. Or maybe his co-stars from those hilarious “Road To The Final Four” commercials, Spike Lee and Samuel L.  Jackson, put a bug in his ear. But whatever the reason, we are over the moon that former NBA baller Sir Charles Barkley is donating $1 Millon dollars to Morehouse College, the Historically Black College for men in Atlanta, Ga.

Barkley, who reportedly The NBA,” said, “I just got a new contract, and my goal is always to give a million dollars a year away to charity.”

In fact, “the round mound of rebound” announced $3 million in gifts that day ( must have been a good contract). Barkley gave Lee and Jackson’s beloved Morehouse $1 million, and he also donated $1 million to his own alma mater, Aubrun University. He also announced another $1 million to the Wounded Warriors project, a charity for veterans, saying, “I think it’s a joke the way they treat our soldiers.”

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