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Charlotte Rodstrom says she’s ready to serve as Fort Lauderdale’s next Mayor



Charlotte Rodstrom says she’s ready to serve as Fort Lauderdale’s next Mayor

By Staff Writer

      On Tuesday, January 16, Fort Lauderdale voters will go to the polls to elect a new Mayor. There are three Candidates in the race for Mayor and one of them is Charlotte Rodstrom.

“As the former Vice-Mayor and Commissioner for our city, I am qualified and ready to serve as the City’s Mayor.” Mrs. Rodstrom says, “I am running for Mayor because I am angry at what I am seeing. I have been living here for 60 years and I don’t like what’s happening here.”

“Since 2012, the current City Commissioners, who are both my opponents, have approved rapid development without proper water, sewer and storm water infrastructure to support it. They have not filled the 30 vacant police positions even though they approved those salaries in the budget, and they have not made body cameras mandatory. They have failed in their ability to protect the public, in spite of a recent report that ranked Fort Lauderdale the least safe of 182 U.S. metro areas. Even though one of my opponents is a retired police chief, he has done nothing for the safety of the residents.”

“I would like to see the historic areas of our city preserved and protected and not rebranded. As elected officials, we should listen to, our residents and allow them to decide what’s best for their neighborhoods.”

charlott-rodstrom-AT-SOCIALCharlotte Rodstrom was elected three consecutive times from 2006-2012 and has previously served on the Board of Adjustment, Planning and Zoning Board, Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Broward Cultural Council and the Broward Water Resources Task Force Board.

“I have deep roots in our community. My Dad ran for the City Commission in the 1960’s , and my husband, a former County Commissioner, served on the City Commission in the 1980’s. In addition to my qualifications, experience, and my stand on financial accountability: I would fill the vacant police positions immediately before crimes worsens to the detriment of our residents. I would ensure the City has a plan for replacing the aging infrastructure prior to approving development, and a way to pay for it. I would have a better plan for spending your tax dollars and the current City expenditures. I will keep the residents informed on issues that may affect them so they have time to contribute to the conversation. I will have an open door policy for all.”



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