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Chinese Lantern Lights Festival: A way to celebrate the Chinese Culture

chinese-lantern-lights-festChinese Lantern Lights Festival: A way to celebrate the Chinese Culture

By Hyacynthia Leonce

What a spectacle of lights!!!!  They are beautiful!!!  Well crafted!  And Awesome!  I wish I could have the one with the white house in my back yard.  This is an interesting way to celebrate the Chinese culture.

It was said that over 2,000 years ago, in China, the Emperor Hanmingdi ordered people to lite lanterns to show respect to Buddha on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month.  Traditionally the festival ends the Chinese New Year period marking the return of spring and a symbol of reuniting the family.

The six-week lantern lights festival features huge lanterns, stirring performances and food. Each of the lanterns produced an amazing array of colors.  When you first walk up to the gate you are greeted by the longest lantern dragon you’ve ever seen with its fiery orange, red, and yellow colors.  The dragon moved its head back and forth with fire coming out of its mouth (light fire) just like a real dragon.  All the lanterns were on the ground; most people have seen them floating.   There were several themes: the four seasons, sea life, animals, holiday traditions, mythical stories, and global architecture.  All of them were amazing!

I believe this festival is something one should do with a loved one walking arm in arm enjoying the site.  Although it is a festival for the family with children – bounce houses and games with a show, the main attraction is the lanterns.  Plus, you had to pay extra for the children’s rides.

A family on a budget will not be able to handle extra after a $19 entrance free for children and $23 fee for adults.  The show was good.  I got a chance to witness the juggling hats which was Kool.

Again, something I think couples/adults wouldenjoy more than children.  Nevertheless, it was a good evening, I felt relaxed and awestruck with a good stroll around the park taking in the sites.

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