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Clutter: The biggest threat to Black businesses getting off the ground!!

Aunkh Askhu

Clutter: The biggest threat to Black businesses getting off the ground!!

By Aunkh Aakhu

      According to the census Black business start-ups have increased by 60 percent from 2002 to 2011. That rate or similar has probably continued over the last two years as well. The recession is inadvertently driving the rate of new Black businesses, but do these businesses really know what they are up against.

     The biggest threat to Black business today is the clutter factor. Unfortunately if you asked the average business owner they probably won’t know what you are talking about.

     Here’s the problem in a nut shell. Based on studies in 1992, the average person was exposed to 5000 advertising messages in a day; in 2013 it’s more like 30,000. What’s worse that over time the price of advertising has gone up and thus small business are stuck in a situation where access to their customers is expensive at best or impossible at worse? If you are starting a business today unawares of the level of competition for your potential customers’ attention you are in really bad shape. This is where a lot of the new Black businesses find themselves. This means it’s now twice as hard to get half the audience you once got just a few years ago.

     Advertising works, but you’d better know what you are doing or you will lose your shirt.

If you think that’s bad news for Black business it gets worse. According to a survey done by Aweber, 68 percent of businesses intend to increase spending on marketing this year. “Ouch!” This means that if you are Black business owner you need to make it count. Make sure you have a clear target audience and you’re using the right channels to reach them. Black media is still an underutilized outlet in our communities by businesses and the audience tends to value them more than mainstream media, for obvious reasons. The bottom line is if you want to reach your audience and get their attention since it is harder and more costly than ever you should make sure that your marketing is better than ever.


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