By Audrye S. Arbe

I walk the Earth in the disguise of what’s been described as a petite white woman. This has afforded me the opportunity to hear what some other white people say, think, do.  It’s been amazing to me to find so many people of this hue antagonistic to folks of Black, brown, beige, golden hue.  The level of denial can be staggering.

What I, as a young girl, I found fascinating and interesting, some others found scary.  Why?  From years back, some white people were conditioned to see themselves as the template for what’s human and good. What does that make anyone else?  Hmmm.

Did it matter whether these white populations were Christian, Jewish, Buddhist?  Sometimes. Was there bigotry here?  Yes, indeed. White people are not the arbiter of anything other than what any of them may feel, whether enlightened or stunted.  The same is true of my Black-brown-beige family and friends.  Do most people of any background truly probe their thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, genetic karmic patterning? Do most people want to tune into what’s actually going on inside them?

Are we different?  Yes. No.  GREAT!  Let’s learn from one another.


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