Constitutional Carry Lunacy

John Johnson

 By John Johnson II

Only in America does the lunacy of white supremacists permeate society as well as  the Florida Legislature. Recently, Republican state Rep. Chuck Brannan during a press conference boasted, “Our right to bear arms of course is enshrined in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.” Thus, he’s vowed to file a bill to continue advancing Second Amendment freedom through a bill entitled, “Constitutional Carry.”

Please don’t dare think that this proposed  legislation was taken  from an old TV script written for “Gun Smoke.” Yes, you remember it starred James Arness as Sheriff Matt Dillon. Even gun slingers and everyday folks had to check their guns with old Dillion. Forget the good old days where lives mattered more than guns.

This American western ran on CBS for 20 years, (1955-75). Not once did Sheriff Dillion have to surrender his interpretation of the Second Amendment to this kind of  legislative lunacy proposed by Rep. Brannan.  The screen writers knew if an open gun carry policy existed, it’s likely for every weekly episode they would’ve needed to cast a new Sheriff. There’s no way old Dillion could’ve outdrawn the drunks, schizoids, and mass murderers itching to lay him to rest.

It’s regrettable  how Re-publican voters decided to elect  legislators willing to  make it easy for Floridians to be murdered and teachers to lose their academic freedoms. Is there research concluding that it’s likely only democrats will be harmed by this  “Constitutional Carry Law.” If this law passes democrats  choosing to move to Florida would be just as insane as Rep. Brannan’s  pending law?

Unfortunately, this law would allow Governor DeSantis to declare Florida the freest state in America for Floridians and tourists to be infused with ignorance or gunned down. Remember, you can’t say gay, mention Critical Race Theory, announce Black History Celebrations, or discuss AP African American History Studies.

Again, doing any of the above-mentioned  things in “Free and Pending Constitutional Carry Florida could get you jailed or killed. DeSantis may deploy his Voter Election Fraud Squad to round up anyone, especially teachers, not adhering to election laws, violating his WOKE policy and challenging his interpretation  of the First Amendment.

Thirty-six  states in America  already allow open carry without a permit. Voters must remain aware of the true intent of this cynical plot of Constitutional Carry lunacy.  Is it not the intended purposes of this law to enable white supremacists’ militia to openly carry their weapons should they attempt to repeat an overthrow the U.S. government?



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