Coronavirus Report: August 17, 2020

By Marsha Mullings, MPH


5.4 million cases, 170,052 deaths


573,416 cases, 33,928 total hospitalizations, 9,452 deaths


65,921 cases, 4,470 total hospitalizations, 980 deaths

There were 40,610 new coronavirus cases in Florida last week.

There was an average of 5,801 daily new cases over the last week.

Important to know

New coronavirus cases still going down – Florida has experienced a positive downward trend in the number of daily new coronavirus cases over the last three weeks. The daily average of new coronavirus cases is 5,801. Social distancing and other disease mitigation measures will limit the spread of infections and ensure a continuation of the downward trend.

There has been a sharp increase in Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) among children – Doctors and other healthcare providers have reported an alarming increase in the number of children admitted with MIS-C to ICUs. The disease affects many different organ systems among children and can be fatal. Most children, however, improve with medical care.  The disease is associated with a coronavirus infection or exposure to someone who has had COVID-19. Everyone is susceptible to coronavirus; children are not immune and normal disease control measures should apply to them as well.

Let’s protect ourselves – Follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks when out in public. Remember to avoid the three Cs:

  1. Avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation
  2. Avoid crowded places with many people nearby
  3. Avoid close-contact settings – such as close-range conversations

For more information on coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention, visit;;;


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