Coronavirus Report: February 7, 2022

By Marsha Mullings, MPH


Cases: 76.4 million

Deaths: 909,000


Cases:  5.6 million

Deaths: 66,279


New coronavirus cases continue to decline precipitously across the country. The daily average number of new cases is now 300,000 new infections per day, down from 520,000 new infections per day, last week.

COVID-19 deaths are still increasing. There is an average of 2,600 new deaths per day across the US. Deaths may continue to rise over the next few weeks, as some individuals who had been ill succumb to their illness.

Florida is now averaging 18,000 new coronavirus cases each day, a 51% decline since last week.


Monoclonal Antibody treatment sites in Florida are closed until further notice.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) withdrew Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Monoclonal Antibody Therapy treatments within the US. The treatments are no longer authorized for use in any US state, territory, or jurisdiction at this time. All treatment sites in Florida are now closed. Individuals requiring treatment for COVID-19 should check with their healthcare provider for advice about the best course of treatment for their illness.

Free at-home Rapid COVD-19 Tests

Free at-home rapid coronavirus tests are now available to the public. Individuals may go to  or call 1-800-232-0233 to request their rapid tests.

Free N-95 Masks Available to the Public

The federal government’s Strategic National Stockpile has distributed 400 million N-95 masks to pharmacy distribution centers around the country. Free N-95 masks are now available at pharmacies and other participating retail locations.


Omicron is an extremely transmissible variant of the coronavirus. Vigilance is critical to reducing the chance of acquiring an infection. Practice good COVID-19 control strategies:

Observe social distancing guidelines (6 feet or more of separation from others).

Practice good hand hygiene (wash hands frequently with soap and warm water or use hand sanitizers).

Wear a mask when out in public if you are unvaccinated.

For more information on coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention, visit;;;;


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