Coronavirus Report: June 1, 2020

By Marsha Mullings, MPH


1.8 million cases, 104,358 deaths


56,163 cases, 10,190 hospitalizations, 2,451 deaths


6,954 cases, 1,501 hospitalizations, 313 deaths

Important to Know

  • Remain vigilant, Coronavirus has not disappeared. – Many of us are returning to work and some of our normal pre-pandemic activities. While it is important that we restart economic activities and engage in recreational pursuits, it is equally important to remain vigilant about our health and to maintain social distancing and hygiene practices. Be aware that certain activities and settings are greater risk factors for infection with coronavirus:
  • Crowded areas – Any setting in which there is a large gathering of people pose a greater risk for transmission of coronavirus. This is because people are in closer proximity to each other and may more easily transmit coronavirus if they are infected. Many people who are infected show no symptoms and so they may be out and about with others. Always try to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others, and if possible, avoid going into crowded areas.


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