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The studio also offers opportunities to young people for employment. She currently has four interns working at the studio.

Kyle Harris/owner Harris Studio with Paloma Labossiere/intern.

Third place winner, 17-year-old Carlos Rosale, from Blanche Ely High School.

Artist “Yvette Michele” Booth

      FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – ArtServe Inc., hosts it annual Red Eye Exhibition from July 6 – Aug 14, 2015. This art event is in its 10th season, and this year they are bringing a whole new vibe to the show.

Local artists are invited through an open call to participate. The accepted submissions celebrate street art at its finest. ArtServe seeks submissions that celebrate the interconnected artistic cultures of graffiti, street art, sticker art, pop art, branding, logos, typography, digital art, comic art and performance. If you are an edgy artist with bleeding edge ideas, this is the exhibit and art happening you’ve been waiting all year for.

AWARDS: Online People’s Choice* *Art submitted through the online pre-registration ONLY will be eligible for the Online People’s Choice Award.


Artwork must fall within the following criteria:

*Graffiti/Street Art/ Sticker Art *Pop Art/Branding/ Logos/Typography *Digital Art *Comic Art *Performance Art

Joining our local rock star artists is pioneering New York City graphic designer and founding creative director of Def Jam Recordings, Cey Adams, who will bring his new “Trusted Brands” series to RedEye. It’s no hyperbole that Cey, who was featured in the definitive PBS documentary on the topic, STYLE WARS, is a seminal figure in the birth of an art, cultural and political movement that currently reigns supreme worldwide and for which RedEye was originally started.

Of course, RedEye is not just an exhibit but a Warholian art happening featuring live art, bands, DJs, food trucks, feature films and much more than ever before.

Opening reception is July 25 at ArtServe, 1350 E. Sun-rise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Work of Art

HOLLYWOOD, FL – Kyle B. Harris, owner of the Harris Art Studio, shares her story on work, community, and opportunity. Harris always had a passion for art and as a young person started to pursue her dream to be an artist. This dream was shattered when a college professor told her she was not good enough to be an artist.

Discouraged and disappointed, she gave up her dream and dropped out of college. Her mother wouldn’t just let her sit at home and she was forced to get a job. She became a part-time clerk at an information booth. Her job was to show videos to customers who needed information. One thing led to another and that clerk job was interpreted as an audio/visual technician.

The next thing Kyle knew, she had an opportunity as a local Cable TV receptionist. She took the job under one condition – that she must learn how to use all of the equipment. This led to a 22-year career in television production, in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

“Writing and producing local programs helped me find out about the needs of my community. In turn, I spent several years as a community activist working for children and women’s issues,” Says Harris.

Once she reached a pinnacle in her career, she thought this a great life but had no one to share it with. She then decided to settle down and start a family and migrated from Massachusetts to Miami in 2003 be-cause of her husband’s job opportunity.

Harris didn’t know anyone in Miami and started to establish herself in the community through church and volunteering at her daughter’s school.

Harris stated, “I was a stay at home mom watching too much HGTV. I painted my entire house and having the brush in my hand felt ‘good’. Eventually, I made my way back into the world of art as head of the art department at The Arts Academy of Hollywood. While overseeing a small staff, I also taught children’s art classes until they closed in 2009.”

Today, Harris owns and operates Harris Art Studio in Hollywood, Fla. This is a year-round facility that offers a range of classroom based art instruction. Her youngest student is four and her oldest student is 74.

Kyle teaches and paints in water color/acrylic and oil painting.

The studio boasts a focal wall of Kyle’s art. She says she offers the art at an affordable price because she is not a gallery.

I had an opportunity to meet one of her interns, Paloma Labossiere. Paloma was looking for something exciting to do with her summer. Working at Harris Studio gives her community service points for school as well as a salary, Paloma indicated. Paloma is a former student of Harris Art Studio and reconnected to Owner Kyle Harris through church. Paloma will be entering her senior year in high school this fall and her future plans are to pursue a career in the performing arts.

When asked about her experience as an intern, she indicated that working as an intern helps build your resume. I also asked her if she has a message to share with the community. Her response was, “Art is a good way to express yourself.”

To find out more about Harris Studio and its class offerings visit


    South Florida has highest AIDS rates in USA. Artists of all ages have a message to share in helping this epidemic that is affecting our community.

The World AIDS Museum hosted its inaugural High School Art competition for AIDS/HIV prevention and awareness May 2015.

STOP AIDS – This is the message from the artist and third place winner, 17-year-old Carlos Rosale, from Blanche Ely High School.

All winning art pieces are a permanent part of the museum’s exhibit at the World AIDS Museum and Education Center located at 1201 N.E. 26 St., Suite 111, Wilton Manors, Fla.

It was a pleasure to serve as a 2015 judge for this competition. Art on AIDS/HIV will be brought to you weekly with a voice from the Art community on this very important awareness and health issue affecting our community.

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