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Curling new, but old sport

eugene_wilde_curling3Curling new, but old sport

By Carol Yasso

I would love to introduce this sport to the Black community, especially in a sunny place like South Florida! Curling is a sport that is rapidly becoming popular in the United States and very few Blacks have knowledge of this sport. If you ask a few Blacks in our community do they know what the sport curling is, most will answer, they have seen it on television with curiosity but have no idea what it is. Curling is a sport which dates back to the 1500’s from Scotland and can be played at any age and any physical condition. We have curlers who are in wheelchairs and some that are well in their seventies. For me, I’m a young 56-year-old grandmother. We have special equipment for people even if they have back problems. Another great think about Curling is you don’t have to know anything about ice skating. Yes!                              Curling is done on the ice!!  It is also very good exercise and one can burn between 600-200 calories in a 2 hour game. Recently, San Francisco TE Vernon Davis demonstrated the sport on the Arsenio Hall show to also reach out to the Black community. Vernon Davis is an honorary captain for the men’s Curling team at the Sochi Olympic Games in a little over a week. Eighties RB singer, Eugene Wilde “Gotta Get You Home Tonight” came to one of our Learn to Curl about a year ago and planned to attend our upcoming event in a few weeks.
To learn to Curl you can reach me at (954) 588-8635.


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