Curtis Perkins, Sr. hit his last earthly homerun

A Message From The Publisher

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

     It’s moments like this that allow me to realize just how precious life is. Death has a way of creating a sobering reality that will cause you to be like a new born baby to an old man in less than a millisecond.

When a friend transitions the opportunity to look back, look ahead, or just stand still in the present and realize that this journey called life is so temporary. I want to pause and take this moment to reflect on a friend, that though we didn’t see each other every day, the moments we created lasted a lifetime. We have laughed, cried and enjoyed some times that were truly, truly special. Curtis Perkins, Sr. was a friend to many because he knew what friendship meant, so much so that on the day that God called him home he was at the funeral services for a neighborhood friend.

Life is to be lived and Curt did it. Curt Perkins to me will be forever known as “CP, who could hit a ball from home plate to deck 3”. A Lauderdale Star for life. They tell me at one time Curt was so fast that he would hit a ball, run out to  the centerfield fence to catch it and if he dropped it, he could pick it up and throw himself out at first base, man that brother was something else.

To all the boys who played ball, ran track and did all the things that Curt Perkins did with Curt, you know, he was indeed a friend. God bless. May Curt hit as many home runs as he wants to. Rest In Peace our brother, our friend until we get a chance to play again.

“Dear God in the name of Jesus. Lord help us to remember that this life is but stepping stones that can lead us to resting forever in Your loving arms. In Jesus ‘name. Amen.”

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