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David I. Muir’s “Pieces of Jamaica

Pieces of Jamaica

David I. Muir’s “Pieces of Jamaica™, The Real Rock Edition” showcases authentic Jamaica in gripping photographs. From the boys playing football in “Make Shift” to the woman roasting breadfruit in “Breshe”, David stills the beauty of everyday life in Jamaica — rarely captured, rarely celebrated. Vivid photographs display Jamaica’s rustic reality juxtaposed with spirited humanity and an intrinsic beauty found in its people. That, coupled with the rich, authentic culture breathes life into this intriguing coffee table book. “Pieces of Jamaica™, The Real Rock Edition” is the perfect keepsake to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence, whether you’re a Jamaican living on the rock or living abroad. It’s also an excellent way for lovers of Jamaica and its culture to experience the island through stunning photographs of life uncut, unedited – real.


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