Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Darryl Solomon Hope

Federal Correctional Institution

2680 U.S. Highway 301 South

Jesup, Ga. 31599

I am writing the Westside Gazette Newspaper to thank them for providing the news for the Black Community throughout Broward and Dade County to subscribers in the community and in prison throughout the State of Florida and Federal prisons. I have been to federal prisons as far as Leave-worth, KS. USP Beaumont, TX. USP Atlanta, Ga. Ireno, Oklahoma. Edgefield, S.C. USP Coleman, FL and FCI Jesup, Ga. and for the past 27 years the Westside Gazette News, Mr. Henry and family have allowed me to visualize the growth in greater Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County area. My family and friends always asks me how I know so much about the developments  in our community, I tell them the Westside Gazette Newspaper keeps me focused and aware. The Editor has allowed me an opportunity to write a few letters on behalf of being the founder of HOPE IMPACT AND DEVELOPEMENT PROGRAM, where I have created a (10) point plan for our youth encouragement, and receive a letter from Mount Olive Baptist Church Prison Ministry Counselor, asking could they implement the Hope Impact Development (10) point plan in their prison ministry program, for youth encouragement.

I want to thank the Westside Gazette for their great work in publishing the Westside Gazette Paper for their many subscribers.

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