Democracy Faces Russian Roulette

John Johnson II

Powers of the President are conferred  by Article II, Sec. 2,  of the U.S. Constitution; checked by the House, and taken by the Senate; X – presidents are not shielded from formal indictment, prosecution, and conviction by man’s Laws nor God!

By John Johnson II

Is it true that the fate of American’s democracy is threaten by the Republican Party and its voters who’ve opted to subject it to a game of Russian Roulette? This contingency has given X-president Trump complete control of the game and his choice of weapons. If you aren’t aware, the game of Russian Roulette involves placing a single bullet in a six-chamber pistol, spinning the chamber, placing the tip of the barrel to one’s head, or target and pulling the trigger.

As expected, Trump would never play completely by these rules. He’s attempted to dismantle democracy during his presidency and after-wards. His choice of weapon resembles a modified version of the fatal game of Russian Roulette.

Instead of using a pistol, Trump has targeted the basic tenets of democracy not with six bullets but using the following seven anti-democratic tactics: 1) lauding  fraudulent claims, 2 ) promoting political massacres with endorsements, 3) using pardons to co-oft integrity,  4 ) spreading racial demagoguery, 5) igniting an insurrection,   6)  aligning with domestic terrorists, and 7) giving a platform to white supremacists.

However, the question and vignette proposed above are merely meant to entice voters to subject themselves to introspective analysis. During this analysis, it’s suggested using the following statements to assess one’s support (YES) or objections (NO) to Trump’s actions toward democracy:

1)Trump lost election due to fraud;

2)Trump was right to attempt to plot and to attempt to overthrow the government;

3)Trump’s behavior even if criminal is acceptable because he’s not a traditional politician and wants to make America  great again:

4)Trump’s focus on igniting the bertha movement, Corralling/separating immigrants and  disfranchising Black people remains justified to save America; and

5) Trump’s control of the Republican Party is necessary to prevent its voters from targeting  by big government.

It’s likely that those who answered  “Yes” to at least any three of these question would choose to vote for Trump if he elected to  run again for the Presidency. Or they would vote for another  candidate who supported Trumpism.

Now, on the other hand, it’s likely that those who answered “No”  to at least  any three of the  statement would vote to re-elect Biden as president. Or they would vote for a democratic candidate who supports a progressive agenda. After the first transfer of presidential powers, 215 years ago, democracy remains in the hands of its people!

Amazingly, how the words in former President Lincoln’s,  Gettysburg Address, a Century, and half years later, so clearly define the  dilemma America currently faces. It’s said that this legendary speech lasted little over two minutes.

Let’s reflect on the following excerpts:


“Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation….

 “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure.”

 “It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work……

History has shown as with Hitler, when people without integrity, not of good will,  stand shoulder to shoulder with an authoritarian and do nothing, their country will not long endure. Deservedly, the allies defeated Germany and Hitler committed suicide.

Now, members of the Republican Party and their base of voters are standing shoulder to shoulder with  X- President Trump. Yet, he continues to attempt  to dismantle America’s democracy using a modified game of Russian Roulette.

Trump isn’t a student of history nor his enablers. Undoubtedly, they haven’t learned anything or don’t care to learn. Tyranny will not  triumph over a  Nation when its democratic party and  people vote  overwhelming      against a Trump led autocracy or theocracy. YOU BE THE JUDGE!


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