Democrats Must Get Stronger with Messaging- Beat the Big Lie

Roger Caldwell

By Roger Caldwell

      Very few Americans will admit that what President Biden and the Democrats are selling; the public is not buying. Everyone can blame someone else, but the president’s approval rating is 38%, and still falling.

On the other hand, with Ex-President Trump, his numbers continue to improve, and the “big lie” becomes a huge talking point for the Republicans. Nothing they say is based on facts, and America was built on hypocrisy, violence, and lies. The Republicans are concerned with number one power, and that will never change. In the election of 2020, the Democrats had disappointing results, and very few Democrats are willing to sit down and talk about what they did wrong.

The Democratic Party is still arguing what went wrong in 2020, and beyond winning the White House, there aren’t too many bright spots. The Democrats lost seats in the House. In the Senate, there is a tie, and they failed to take over more state legislative seats. The Democrats underestimated the Republicans campaigning skills for the Hispanic vote, and all around the country, they depended on bad polling data.

Weak national messaging is nothing new to the Democrats, because this was one of the problems with Ex-President Obama’s administration. During his first mid-term election, Obama lost his lead in the House by 63 seats, and the Senate by 9 seats. With President Biden’s approval numbers under 40%, everyone is getting worried about his mid-term numbers.

“If you aren’t telling your story, your story is going to be told for you. I mention this in nearly every speech to highlight the importance of being proactive in crafting and sharing your own identity and narrative for impressionable audience. Another oft-repeated and true statement is ‘No story, no sale’” says Wajahat Ali – reporter of the Daly Beast.

Ex-President Trump and the Republicans are telling their stories, and they don’t care if it is the truth. When Trump was the president of the country, America bought his lies, and the money he is making now is ridiculous. Everything the president is preaching about is connecting to the critical race theory, which is teaching White people to hate. When Steve Bannon refuses to honor a bipartisan federal subpoena investigation panel, something must be changed in the system.

If Mr. Bannon was a Black man, he would be put under the jail, but there are different kinds and levels of justice for White men. The Democrats must stop playing not to lose and play to win.

The Republicans play to win at any cost. They will lie; they will break the rules and always bend the rules. They don’t care about right and the health of the Democracy; they care only about winning.

The Republicans are continuing to bend the rules, with Ex-President Trump pushing the “Big Lie.” There are more opportunities for more Democrats to increase the numbers on the polls, because our laws are based on morals and integrity. The returning citizens from the prisons will increase the Democratic polls and voting rights eventually cannot be curtailed or stopped.

As more people come together not based on race, culture, gender, or the color of your skin, the Democrats will grow stronger. We may appear weak and losing the battle, but we will win the war. Voting rights has made America the great country it is, and the constitution is built on solid principles.

The Big Lie is what it is and always will be, a lie. Lies can never win, because truth will always win in the end. Believe in truth, and it will make, and set you free.

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