Desperate Republicans release fake video of President Obama being born in Kenya

Republicans release fake viedo of President Obama
Republicans release fake viedo of President Obama

Desperate Republicans release fake video of President Obama being born in Kenya


      According to statistician Nate Silver of the New York Times, Romney’s momentum has stopped, and President Obama is rebounding in the most recent poll numbers. But you don’t have to read Silver’s column to know that this is true. Just look at how republicans are trying to win; that says it all.

     A new blatantly fake video of  an actress, pretending to be President Obama’s mother, giving birth to a baby who looks nothing like President Obama, lets you know just how desperate conservatives are to win. In the video, a brown skinned baby, who is at least a few months old, is supposed to be baby Obama.

     But there are many moments of hilarity in this video, not the least of which is how the name of President Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, is written in dark magic marker on the medical chart. And the doctor who is delivering the baby is wearing a Kenyan flag pin.                               

Really, this fake video is the worst yet, even putting Dinesh D’Souza’s hackumentary to shame.

     Anyway, the guy who produced the video wants Donald Trump’s five million dollars in order to release the remainder of the video, at least that’s what he told Vice:

     So, the way I see it, that $5 million will go to waste.  Maybe he’s willing to give it to me, to buy the video in its entirety. I’ve been contacting several of Trump’s associates, and I’m about to hopefully meet some of them either in a parking lot, or even in the lobby, and just take cash for it.

     And considering that voters in Florida have reported receiving the Obama smear documentary Dreams from My Real Father in the mail, no doubt some desperate right winger may actually take the bait.


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