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District 94 needs someone on the ground

Jimmy and wife Leola Witherspoon

Jimmy and wife Leola Witherspoon

District 94 needs someone on the ground

Jimmy and wife Leola on the campaign trail.


      In times of change, our community always rises to the challenge.  As Americans, we have proven our resiliency time and time again. With the Supreme Court’s recent judgment restricting certain necessary parts of the Voting Rights Act, the state of Florida, along with several other states are doing all they can to continue to disenfranchise minority voters. This issue, as well as many others, including affordable healthcare and restoration of rights, is paramount to our communities being able to grow and prosper.

Now is the time for us to move forward.  With House Minority Leader, Representative Perry Thurston (District 94), being termed out of the Florida Legislature, a void is occurring and House District 94 (which includes parts of Fort Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Lauderdale Lakes, Plantation and Wilton Manors) is left at a cross-roads.

Many will step up to the plate in hopes of filling the void and many of them will have the qualifications to lead District 94 and continue the efforts of Representative Thurston. However, few of them are on the ground and in touch with the day-to-day needs of the people as Jimmy Witherspoon.

Witherspoon has dedicated his life to helping the left out and less fortunate.  He has no ties to big industries that will tie his hands when it comes to fighting for the needs of the people.

Witherspoon’s dedication to the community is born in the fact that he is from the community and he has lived the story of the people he seeks to support and fight for in the Florida Legislature.

Witherspoon has dedicated his life to fighting for children, the future leaders of our city, county, state and country.  Jimmy realized long ago that we must give of ourselves if we want our young men and women to become proud, successful, and strong adults, and participating citizens.

Witherspoon says he intends to be the voice of his community.  While his efforts will involve fighting for families, equality, and the protection and safety of our young children, he also wants to ensure that young men and women will have a place and voice in the law-making process, by not being left out of the governing process.

Visiting home owners association meetings over the past several months, Jimmy has been welcomed and applauded as a fresh voice who is open and honest and easy to communicate with.  He has been commended for stepping up to the task of running for State Representative.  When asked why he decided to run, Jimmy stated, “We all have a story to tell.  Mine includes being born and raised in the very communities I am seeking to serve.  I have given my life to impacting positive change in the lives of my community for the young and the old.”

Jimmy says, “I have great plans for District 94 and know that I’m the right person to represent the community in the Florida House. I’m a part of the Broward County Commission’s Budget Board, I have served on the Education Board for Fort Lauderdale and I have worked in the Broward County education system for over a decade.”

Jimmy is the BRACE Advisor for Dillard High School, his alma mater, and has worked as a Behavioral Instructor and Child Care Counselor.  Witherspoon is the founder of Youth Crusade Outreach Ministry and the Restoration Youth Shelter, Inc.  He is also a Guardian Ad Litem.    Jimmy feels that his experience and commitment to service has helped him to better understand the needs of his district.  He says that he will continue to work hard to bring about positive changes for all of District 94’s communities as well as Broward County and the state of Florida.

Because he endeavors to serve he has been endorsed by Congressman Alcee Hastings and he has the support of many of the pastors throughout South Florida.

Recently married to the former Leola Johnson of Pompano Beach, Fl, Jimmy Witherspoon is positioning himself to be the next leader for District 94. He says that his top priority will be to be the voice for those who, otherwise, would not be heard. Jimmy finished our interview with, “I believe that together, we can make things happen.”



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