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Does the country agree with the democrats and President Obama?

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

Does the country agree with the democrats and President Obama?

 By Roger Caldwell

It is nine months until the mid-term elections and the Democrats would like everyone to think they are winning in public opinion. On the federal level, the Democrats appear more organized and more consistent in their positions. But on a state level there are 30 Republican governors, 19 Democrats, one Independent, and the majority of the state legislatures are controlled by Republicans. Even though the President is a Democrat, both parties are divided, because depending where you live will determine what is important to you.

The Democrats and the President last week held their annual retreat in Maryland to get the Democratic lawmakers excited and inspired for the election. At this retreat the President identified increasing the minimum wage and overhauling the immigration system as the top priorities for 2014.

But in places like Nebraska, they are voting to keep things the way they are with immigrants. Also, anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry knows management does not want the minimum wage to be increased. Management makes their bonuses and increases its profitability by controlling labor cost and their expenses.

The President operates from an ethical and moral principle, but the owners and management of companies, operate from the bottom line and facts. It is very easy for Biden to say, “On every major issue the American people agree with the Democratic Party.” But after the Vice President completes his happy talk, he knows that the Tea Party and Republicans support the opposite of what the Democrats believe.

In 2013 the Republicans have spent the majority of the time obstructing every policy that the President has tried to initiate. The do nothing Congress in 2013, which many call our federal lawmakers has tried 40 times to get the ACA repealed, even though the Supreme Court has ruled the law constitutional. America is hopelessly divided and the 2014 elections are going to be dirty and nasty.

Brian Walsh, a GOP consultant says, “The Democratic happy talk in Maryland ignores the fact that Obama’s health care overhaul is deeply unpopular in the swing states of Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. What’s popular in California isn’t necessarily popular in Louisiana, Arkansas and North Carolina.”

In the 2014 election everyone will be forced to make concessions, and some Democrats are campaigning without the President. Many believe that campaigning with the President will hurt their chances for getting re-elected. Also many Republican candidates will take a more moderate platform to get votes, which ignores the radical approach of the Tea Party.

If a Democrat candidate’s district is primarily wealthy, it would be foolish to talk about increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 if they are high-income business owners. Democrats have no idea on how to discuss the growing split between wealthy party members and middle/lower-class members, but both are needed in the party.

The problems and issues confronting Democrats are very complex and there is no one solution that fits all. If the Democrats plan to pick up seats in the House and maintain their advantage in the Senate their policies must connect to all the people. Biden is wrong to think that the country agrees with the Democrats on every major issue.

There is widespread voter disapproval for both parties and for the candidates to win in 2014; they will be forced to maneuver around unpopular party rhetoric to get their constituents vote. The President and the Vice-President can give pep talks to the party all day, but the lawmaker must understand the needs of their district.

Americans are sick of the promises from both parties and they want tangible results. It is time for Democrats to tell the truth, deliver on their promises, and listen to their constituents.


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