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Does Tyler Perry hate Black women? One professor certainly seems to hate Tyler Perry

"The House and Have Nots."

“The House and Have Nots.”

Does Tyler Perry hate Black women? One professor certainly seems to hate Tyler Perry

From Naturally Moi

     With the release of the new Tyler Perry sitcom, “The Haves and Have Nots,” critics are coming out of the woodwork once again to go after him. Some are saying that the show is brilliant, and others are saying that they could easily do without it.

There are some who are starting to question Perry’s relationship with his primary target audience: African American women.

Without Black women, there would be no Tyler Perry. They single-handedly pushed his films to the top of the list of money makers in their opening weekends. When Perry tried to deviate from his core audience in the film, “Alex Cross,” he was hammered with his first flop. So, it’s clear that Black women love him and he needs their support.

But not all Black women feel the same way, and the group is diverse in its perspectives.

Some women, like Dr. Brittney Cooper, assistant professor of Women’s and Gender Studies & Africana Studies at Rutgers University, say that Perry actually hates women. Dr. Cooper breaks down Perry’s portrayals of women as simple-minded and unflattering.

By perhaps presenting herself as a version of one of Perry’s nasty female characters, Dr. Cooper sees little redemption in Perry’s new show, presenting a rather hostile portrayal of the characters without much reflection on why they might make for good TV. She actually refers to Perry as a “cultural batterer” in her harsh and honestly bitter analysis:


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