Donald Trump for President?

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Don-At-WorkDonald Trump for President?

By Don Valentine

     There is an adage that says all publicity is good publicity. Donald Trump is creatively amplifying that concept to a new level. As he approaches 70 years old he can invest in a bid to be President of the United States. This will revive his resume with the power players of the 35 – 55 year old buyer age group. Assume he spends a few million dollars of his own money to get the billboard headlines on the Republican ticket. Then combine that with the matching funds of double his initial investment and he has a juggernaut of an advertising tool.

Trump has no disposition to deal with the rigors that are required of the leader of the “Free World”. He has interests that have generated him billions of dollars in profits. The President of the U.S. for a number of reasons would have to separate ties from those enterprises. Check the annual salary of the President and then add that to what you can earn after you leave office. Trump has surpassed that several times over.

Carnival “Huckster” P.T. Barnum is famous for saying that an “A Sucker is born every day.” That definition would apply to any person that subscribes to the notion that Trump will have the stamina to make the final vote for President. In a very “Shrewd” incarnation he figured out how to expose his product to a market that was dormant for him. His charade to become President is a marketing opportunity to expose his brand to the 35 -55 year old buyer group.

What is concerning to me is that we have co-workers, neighbors and people in our daily life that support his bumptious propaganda. In the latest “Rand” poll he ranks at 19 percent in popularity over the rest of the Republican field. That is a stark statement about some of our neighbor’s opinion. There are people out in the U.S. that endorse his view about Senator John McCain. Mr. McCain is accused by Trump as not being a war hero because he got captured. The facts reflect that Mr. McCain refused to be released from P.O.W. camp until the prisoners prior to him went home. It is well known that Trump never served in the military. How can you denigrate any person that will stand up and for fight for your country?

Moreover, you have some people in your community that endorse his sweeping statements against Mexicans. That is a case book definition of prejudice. Dr. King is rolling over in his grave 50 years later. Dr. King stressed that you should measure “Each” person on the content of their character not the color of their skin. Trump is too astute a businessman to think that inflammatory comment would get him elected to be President of the United States. He does realize that his 19 percent support will sell and book rooms at the Trump Properties. P.T. Barnum’s reminder to you, “There is a Sucker born every day!”


Don Valentine Free Lance Writer U.C. Berkeley ’89 B.S. Psychology, McGeorge Law School J.D. ‘92

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