Donald Trump’s spokesperson sought court redress over racial discrimination

Katrina-PiersonDonald Trump’s spokesperson sought court redress over racial discrimination

By Victor Ochieng

Katrina Pierson, queen of bullet bling, is known for faithfully toting the controversial policies that her boss, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, intends to implement should he be elected president. She’s been on cable television several times, releasing summaries of what the Republican front-runner plans to deliver to the American people.

It’s, however, funny, or somehow ironic, that Pierson is on record for having sued her employer over racial discrimination.

Suing for racial discrimination? If our memories and records aren’t distorted, this is the same Pierson who made statements in November about how Trump has pledged to block Muslims from setting foot in the United States of America.

That statement set social and mainstream media on fire. CNN challenged the position, asking whether the GOP front-runner would bar regular Muslims, and her statement was terse; she said, “Yes, from Arab countries. You know what? So what? They’re Muslims.”

Pierson used to work for a pharmaceutical company called Sanofi-Aventis located in Dallas. She filed a lawsuit claiming that the company “engaged in practices towards her which willfully discriminated against her on the basis of her race.”

She claimed in the lawsuit that a former manager treated “her as if she were a child,” an act she says was directed at her because she’s black. Pierson further claims that the company failed “to provide her with advanced notice of periodic training tests and not granting her standard time out of the field to prepare and study,” a privilege she says was provided to her white counterparts.

That suit was, however, dismissed after Pierson and her employer opted to settle the matter out of court.

Efforts to get Pierson’s comment on whether she believes racial discrimination is bad went futile.


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