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Don’t fear the hurdles

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Don’t fear the hurdles

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.                                             James 1:2-4 (NASB)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

      As I was riding home and passing a high school, out of my left peripheral view I could see students from different schools preparing for a track meet.

     I could tell that the meet had not officially begun because everybody was on the track at the same time, casually standing in all the lanes.

     As I turned the corner I could plainly see this young brother running the hurdles. What caught my attention and caused me to slow down and pull over was his almost flawless form and the extraordinary amount of energy he was expending for a warm up.

     As I was watching him I could hear in conjunction with the activity of the warm ups coming across the radio a synopsis of the movie 42.

     The movie is a story about the life and circumstances of Jackie Robinson. It tells the story of Jackie Robinson and how under the guidance of the team’s General Manager Branch Rickey, Robinson committed to the Brooklyn Dodgers to become the first Black player to break the racial color blockade in American baseball.

     I was already familiar with Mr. Robinson’s history making account but I had no idea what transpired during the workings of this historic episode. 

     As the radio personnel continued to expound upon the inner happenings of both Robinson and Ricky, I felt a euphoric sensation come over me.

     With each hurdle the young man approached, he confronted it without hesitation, without fault, dominating each one as if it were his reason for being.

     Each successful conquering of the hurdles brought a new appreciation for me to the meaning of ‘natural and God giving talent’.

     The announcer on the radio was explaining how Robinson overcame the racial injustices he endured because of his deep, committed Christian faith.

     Those outside of the people who really knew Jackie Robinson didn’t know his level of faith.

     I do believe that we understand that it had to be something much more powerful than Mr. Robinson himself that kept him in that position to make HIS-STORY!

     What I also learned that day was that the guy who got him to come and play for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Ricky,  was a devout Christian himself.

     As in running hurdles, in life we to have to jump over barriers.

     Either from practice or with our natural God given talents, we are blessed to overcome them.

     What I saw in that young man and heard in 42-the Jackie Robinson story, is that with help from God we can, through practice, with others who believe and with great faith, find our stories in the beautifully written Book of  Life as examples for other believers.

     When hurdles spring up right in front of us, how do we overcome? Do we cripple ourselves by running through them or do we seek the guidance and preparation from those that believe in God and His Great Plan for all of us?

     I won’t give up or give in I will keep on till the end I will keep steadfast unmovable always abounding in You Lord. I am standing in Your will Men of Standard, Standing in Your will


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