Double Standards in America –  Double Standards for African Americans in America

Dr. Phillip Wright, Ph.D.

 By Phillip L. Wright Ph.D.

Unfortunately, America is still ignoring the Known facts that it needs to realize what it means: there are two wars in America. Since there is a double standard for African Americans in reference to whites, this is the difference that makes two wars in America. The facts may identify that many African American men and some African American women went to war during world war II and other more recent wars that America participated in too.

It is also a fact that when the African American veterans return from the war, back to America, they are not treated with respect and honor for their service to the country of America. Their civil rights and equal Justice are still being violated in many aspects of the American laws.  These veterans are still not given their civil rights in America as everyone else.  Besides that, many African American men and African American women, and some of their children are being shot dead by some possible racist Police officers.

These police officers may be continuing to carry on the past racist practices they learned from their racist parents.  There is a reason why this is happening daily. It is also possible that some of the police officers may be offspring of some of the slave masters of the past too. Their parents and grandparents may have practiced racism in the past and murderers of some of the African American parents and grandparents  during those days of the openly racist practices,

African Americans were openly not considered American citizens during the slave era. It is also evident today in 2021 as it still is today. Another reason is, in our United States congress, there are possibly more offspring of the slave masters of the past.

There is another reason why there are two wars in America. Some of the laws passed in congress are excluding the African Americans without equal representation as legal citizens. All the amendments in the United States Constitution and the bill of rights are also not inclusive for all African Americans for them to be treated fairly with equal opportunities and equal justice for all. We must have serious dialog about racism, discrimination and unequal Justice to include all African Americans too.

African Americans should have been legalized on paper long ago by our American congress, just as the immigrants who enter this country from their origin country. It seems to give them all American rights to every opportunity and all types of benefits too.

Most African Americans are born in America. The African American Lineage date back four hundred years having been born here in America. American congress, tell me why are they still excluded and treated as nonlegal citizens? Let’s get real and busy and create congressional laws that enforces a civil society that includes all Americans who have already been born in America and should be legalized as American citizens.

I pray all of us can see what 2 wars in America means.


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