Drafting American laws and the right to vote

Dr. P.L. Wright Ph.D.
Dr. P.L. Wright Ph.D.

Drafting American laws and the right to vote

By P. L. Wright Ph.D.

   Our Congressional Lawmakers base the drafting of laws from how they have been socialized into the American system of four institutions. Those institutions are social-criminal justice, education, financial, and political.

     Every American of the legal age to register to vote should have always had that right to participate in voting their conscious in our Governmental system practices.

     Unfortunately because of discrimination practiced through racism in America, it has created an unequal system of rights and justice, but there is still discrimination and unequal justice for the poor and minorities in 2012.

     Blacks should have never had to be given their God given right by another man to participate in the American process of government in order to vote.

     Why did whites try to block Blacks from voting in the past, and why now in 2012? Now they have also included others like the poor and other minorities. 

     This November 2012 when it is time to vote for the candidate who will become the next President of the United States and for the State Senators, we must studied their records of politics carefully and cautiously.

     Our decision will make things better or worse depending on who we select for their political office seat. However, we must also not forget at the same time for us to add or replace those Senators who are on the extreme right and not likely to find bipartisan support or compromise on any issue in congress to find solutions for Americans.

     Those senators may need to be replaced by your legal vote from political office.

     There are also some Governors who are on the extreme Right who refuse to find compromise and agreement with their fellow congress men and women for a solution to help their citizens in their state. It is now more serious this time more than ever to make a carefully studied decision to select a candidate with integrity and honesty as your choice.

  All Americans need to go online, find and read the documented political record of all who are in political office in government, and the two candidates who are running for the seat as the next  President of the United States.  

     Americans must listen to what the candidates are saying, and what are their beliefs and what issues do they support or have supported in the past that just might be one of the new laws that will affect your future or change your way of life but not for the better.

     Vote as if your life depends on it.

     These candidates will be the same persons who will make and vote into law many of the issues of their own personal beliefs that may not be your belief or view of a specific issue and it may not benefit you at all.

     It is most important for those legal registered voters who will be voting  who do not honestly understand this process of government and what is really going on to speak with someone of whom they truly trust. Their help assistant must have integrity, honesty, and must be fair in their judgments to help them to understand the issues and how they could be affected in their decision to vote their conscious.

     We must all now get serious about voting and not allow anyone to disenfranchise us from casting our votes as we choose who we want to guide us into the next decade.

     My analysis of the GOP agenda is, they want to replace President Barack Obama so they can reverse the regulations put into place for our security of fairness and safety.

     They also want to reverse the laws that the President has created to make everyone in Political Office transparent to the American tax payers and their money.

     Congress and all political players must be held accountable if they do not act in accordance with that law. It is time for the United States to end the Greed Process of those participants, and balance our financial status once again as was done when former President Bill Clinton was in the Oval office.



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