Dupers, jackasses and jerks

Running Down the RIDICULOUS

Dupers, jackasses and jerks

By Wilson Nathaniel Thomas

     Over the years the state of Florida has brought to the nation a whole lot of things that have made most reasonably intelligent human beings scratch their heads in disbelief and wonder what in the name of all that is holy is wrong with the state of Florida? It was the state of Florida and it’s jacked up electoral process that gave the nation George W. Bush an additional four years thanks to all of those RIDICULOUS ballots, and all of those hanging chads.

    All sorts of national disasters have made their way through Florida over the years from hurricanes to floods, I mean you name it, Florida has had it. Although true acts of God cannot be blamed on the people of the sunshine state due to the fact that residents have no control over Mother Nature. It is far past time that anyone continues to give the panhandled state a pass when it comes to the disasters that were created as a result of an electorate that is either suicidal or brain dead.

    You Floridians have given the nation a treasure trove of dupers, jackasses and jerks. The two biggest ignoramuses would be that pitiful excuse you call a governor; surely you people must have dug him out from underneath a boulder. And then there is U.S. House of Representative Allen West. Why Florida? Why did you elect these mis-political creations to public office and force all of their nonsense and insanity onto the American people? Like really, what did any of us ever do to you people?

    Honestly, Allen West has got to be one of the most disgusting people roaming the face of the Earth. When is he going to learn to keep that pie hole in his face called a mouth- shut? West is back in the news for making yet another off the cuff and repugnant statement that only a real jackass such as he would make. This time the loud mouthed West declared that president Obama’s “Forward” campaign slogan was designed to push a “Soviet Union, Marxist-Socialist theme,” While speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition recently. West insisted that the 2012 presidential election would determine, “whether or not we continue to be a Republic governed by the Constitution, and individual sovereignty, or will we become a liberal-progressive bureaucratic nanny state.”

    Now West has called the president everything except for a child of God, even stooping so low as to state that President Obama is a “low-level socialist agitator well versed in Marxist rhetoric.”

    Now honestly, most folks with common sense don’t even believe West is in full control of his mental faculties, nor does anyone believe he even understands one half of the gibberish which flows from his lips, and when you look at West and his RIDICULOUS self from that standpoint, it is easy just to shrug your shoulders and count him out as being coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. The real issue with Allen West is he is not someone who is completely out of his mind, but he is someone with a voice, and as sad as it is, people actually believe the bat crap crazy stuff that comes out of his mouth, and that makes him a very dangerous man.

    Floridians, please for the love of God, stop sending idiots like West to Congress. Trust me when I tell you we, the American people, have had enough of your elected idiots. People like Allen West have no business sitting in congress, he would however, be better suited sitting in a room with padded walls, while wearing a white jacket that makes him hug himself.

    Joe Walsh the bombastic ignoramus that was elected to Congress from the state of Illinois also makes the RUNDOWN this week for his despicable comments about activist and attorney Sandra Fluke. In a recent speech, Walsh criticized Fluke because of the stance that she took regarding provisions in Obamacare that would provide for free contraception for women through their insurance carriers, and a woman’s right to choose.

    Ms. Fluke has just as much of a right to express herself by partaking in her First amendment rights to engage in free speech, as Joe Walsh has in proving to the world, on a daily basis, he is an ill-informed, arrogant, unenlightened dope. It always amazes me that folks in the right wing believe that First Amendment rights only pertain to them when they want to denigrate someone, or make some racist and bigoted statement.

    Now, Walsh screamed out he thought instead of Sandra Fluke standing up for women’s rights, she should get a job because she is 31-years-old. How rich that is coming from a man who did not pay child support for years because his attorney claimed he didn’t have a steady job until he was elected to congress. And let’s not forget the insults he hurled at double amputee, and war hero Tammy Duckworth. The woman lost her legs when her helicopter was shot down in Iraq, and the beastly Walsh accused her of not being patriotic enough. Joe Walsh is an insult to living creatures everywhere. I mean seriously his very existence is enough to make a buzzard regurgitate.

    As always, if you have questions or comments about anything that you read in the rundown, please send them to runningdowntheridiculous@gmail.com.



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